Anchor your quilt with Pinmoor - the first and only tool of its kind.
Pinning your quilt with safety pins is indeed a labouring task let alone quilting around them.
Never again have sore fingers from pinning your quilt. 
Pinmoor are soft, flexible, small solid tubing into which a regular quilting pin may be inserted easily, rather than using safety pins.
1.  Simply put the pin into the quilt through the top layer to the back, then from the back to the top.
2.  Attach the Pinmoor, or, hold the Pinmoor and put the pin through the layers and stick it into the Pinmoor.
3.  The head of the pin and Pinmoor sit on top of the quilt and are easily removed while quilting.
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Reusable for years - they will last indefinitely
  • More ergonomic to use than safety pins
  • Pins will not leave holes in your fabric like most safety pins do
  • Use with any pins you already have
  • Full instructions and ideas for other uses included
50 Pinmoor per pack, available in 8 colours or assorted colour packs
Click here to view a short video tutorial on Quilting with Pinmoor
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Pat Stone
    These are brilliant. My hands are almost useless and pinning with safety pins is a misery and took hours. These are so quick and easy.
  • Author: Sue
    I really wanted to like these clever little pellets. But in the end I have to say, for me, it's a bust. I find they don't hold nearly as well as I had hoped. Worse yet, my cats absolutely adore them and will take every opportunity to pull them off of my quilt. It's a constant battle to keep them away. Since I quilt with my cats and don't plan on banning them from my quilt room, the pinmoors will have to go. I also didn't find them any easier to use than my usual safety pins. So back in the bag they'll go until my next yard sale.