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Left Handed Scissors

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  • Ambidex Scissors by Taylor Seville

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    Amazingly comfortable scissors to suit either left or right hand and because of the handle shape, these will fit small or large hands/fingers.
    11cm (4 ½”)
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  • Bent Trimmer Fabric Scissors 8" Left-Handed - Famore Cutlery 728L

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    Famore 8" Bent Trimmer Fabric Shears are a great choice for all fabric cutting with a bent profile and offset angle makes these scissors for pattern cutting and tabletop-based projects.
    True Left-Handed 8-in Tabletop Fabric Shears are a great choice for all fabric cutting needs.
    The Bent Profile & Offset Angle makes the #728L excellent for pattern cutting and tabletop-based projects.
    • These shears have a razor edge grind on the blades resulting with a cut like a hot knife through butter
    • This versatile tool helps complete your sewing, quilting and crafting projects with ease
    • These beautiful but powerful Fabric Shears are guaranteed to give you a lifetime of cutting pleasure

    Handcrafted Famore brand scissors are forged from German grade stainless steel, making them also non-corrosive and easy for cleaning & care.Finally, precision detail cutting for the true Left Handed artist.

    True Left handed scissors mirror the righthanded blade's positions – allowing You the artist to trace cut to lines, folds and precise measurements.

    True Left Handed Scissors put your view on the correct side of the cutting blade – viewing exactly where you’re cutting without your own hands & scissors getting in the way.
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  • Double Curved Embroidery Scissors Havel's - Left Handed 40040

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    The most popular scissors for hand embroidery, cross stitch etc. as the 3 1/2" length makes it easy to manoeuvre while the curved blade tips cut close without harming the fabric.
    The angle also allows you to reach over an embroidery hoop, whether for hand or machine.

    Now available for left handed use.
    3 1/2 inch quality stainless steel.

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    • AUD$18.00
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  • Double-Pointed 6" Duckbill Applique Scissors by Havels - Left Handed 90042

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    6" Double-Pointed Duckbill Appliqué Scissors now for Left Handed use.
    Get to all those tight corners with Elsa’s Double-Pointed Duckbill Scissors! The double-pointed blades allow you to cut at sharp angles and tight corners without needing to change scissors, and the large finger loops add extra comfort on tired or arthritic hands. The wide outer edge of the duckbill separates and lifts fabric that is cut away while protecting your base layer like traditional duckbill styles.
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  • Gingher Left Hand Knife Edge Dressmakers Shears 8” G-8L

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    Designed specifically for left-handed users - ideal for cutting out patterns, quilting and general sewing. Strong blades with a precision ground knife edge allows effortlessly cutting through multiple layers of fabric from joint to tip every time. Bent handles allow for smooth comfortable cutting across any flat surface. Durable double-plated chrome over nickel will ensure the scissors will last a lifetime. Includes plastic sheath for storage. Previously Item G8L

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  • Large Ring Fine Point Scissors – Left Hand 4” - Famore Cutlery 709L
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    Large Ring Fine Point Scissors – Left Hand 4” - Famore Cutlery 709L

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    True Left-Handed Large Ringed Curved Blade Scissors are great for all types of your needle arts and crafts:
    A great choice for industrial and domestic use:

    The Large Ringed handles allow you to get in and out of the scissors quickly and easily.

    Famore Curved Scissors allow safe Controlled Cuts for everything from Quilting and Embroidery to surgical stitching and even pet grooming.

    The Curved Blades protect your projects from getting jabbed, stabbed, or snagged.

    For example, you may need to carefully tease out and snip a thread without worrying about damaging the surrounding threads or the underlying fabric, in which case Famore's Curved Scissors are ideal.

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    • AUD$36.00
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  • Left-Handed Duck Bill Appliqué Scissors - Famore Cutlery 712L

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    True Left-Handed Duck Bill Appliqué Scissors have been made by very popular request, having a small 1/2" wide duckbill blade.
    Famore worked closely with industry educators to produce perfect tools for your optimal crafting needs.
    Famore 6" Left-Handed Duckbill Appliqué scissors have a ½ inch duck bill – to provide a high degree of precision making it possible to trim around edges with the greatest of ease. 
    • Designed with razor-sharp blades, a tension adjustment screw and offset handles.
    • The blades are joined with a screw & bolt, not a rivet - so the scissors can be adjusted, repaired and sharpened if they are damaged. 


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  • Multi-Angled Duckbill Appliqué Scissors 5 ½” Havel's - Left Handed 40042

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    Havels have taken the traditional duckbill Appliqué scissors and improved it! The unique angles provide better viewing and comfortably position your hands above the fabric when cutting. A special large "duckbill" lifts fabric for a clean and close cut, trimming away.

    NOW available for Left-Handed use.

    Made of Stainless Steel

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    • AUD$40.00
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  • Ulti-Mates Machine Embroidery Scissors Havel's - Left Handed 43025
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    Ulti-Mates Machine Embroidery Scissors Havel's - Left Handed 43025

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    Multi-Angled Machine Embroidery Scissors but also suitable for quilting and other sewing crafts. The unique design fits over the embroidery hoop and the curved blades make closer cuts.
    An absolute "MUST" for every machine embroiderer.

    Now Available for Left Handed use.

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    • AUD$39.95
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