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Inklingo Books-on-CD Print templates directly onto fabric!

Inklingo is a way of printing ultra fine lines on the wrong side of fabric with an ordinary inkjet printer. Inklingo provides precise guides for cutting and stitching a wide variety of quilts including pieced and appliquéd designs.
No measuring, no templates, no basting.
Everything is perfect with crosshairs and seamlines ready to stitch.
Inklingo is economical because it uses very little ink.
Inklingo reduces waste and errors and doesn’t require specialty rulers, templates or tools.

Requirements: Colour Inkjet Printer
CD drive
PC with Windows XP or 2000 only
No special software required
Note: Not compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT or MAC
Electric Quilt software not required

Contents: Each Inklingo Shape Collection is a book on CD and each CD includes pages of designs and instructions which you can print or read off the screen; plus, hundreds of pages of templates to print directly on the wrong side of fabric. Simply pre-wash the fabric, stabilize with Freezer Paper on the right side, then print the design onto the wrong side, remove the Freezer Paper, which is then reusable over and over again. You may then use the designs for any patterns that require these shapes and sizes to stitch by hand or machine.
Precise, Simple, Fast!

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