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Judy's QuiltTech Online Classes

Judy's QuiltTech Online are individual classes, not a course, giving you the opportunity at a very low price to learn more ways to use a certain product. If you don't already have that particular product, then, of course, you can purchase and join us.
Education how to use products is very important and my seminars on the show circuit have always been well attended with craftspeople wanting to know more about products they have or are considering. You have asked, so I am responding. How many times have you purchased something and then never used such?
Each class is independently purchased for only $10.00 - $20.00
Each class will have a project, sometimes included FREE, sometimes needing to be purchased, as well as requiring the particular ruler or product which must be purchased from us. Mostly classes include video tutorials, a PDF class outline with suggestions, ideas and comments from myself.
Each class will have a Facebook Group for students only for support, chatter, Q & A and the sharing of photos. So necessary for your confidence building.
Classes will be announced via my Newsletters and shall commence during February 2020, giving details of the Product to be used and the date for the class.  Of course, you may join any time after that date during 2020. Classes will be bi-monthly at first, just to see how things progress.
I am quite sure that anyone who has enrolled in any of my Online Classes knows they get value for the tuition and I am hoping you enjoy this new concept of mine.

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  • Braided Twist Table Runner - Judy's QuiltTech Online Class

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    Braided Twist Table Runner
    Introducing the Braided Twist Tool – an amazing new tool that comes with a whole book of amazing possibilities.
    The beauty of the Braided Twist is the simplicity! No Quilting, No Binding, No Handwork!
    How?  The magic is in the hidden centre seam, You Just Twist! 
    But, it can be tricky, so videos and Q&A via our exclusive Facebook Group will assist you so as you are not alone.
    Extras include an extra project.
    So many variations and inspiration for other versatile alternatives.
    A full list of supplies for fabric etc. will be given upon enrolment, but basically you will just need the Braided Twist Book and Template, included.
    Judy’s Note:  If you have previously purchased the Braided Twist from Punch with Judy please email or phone so as we will be able to check our records and then your cost will be only $10.00 for this Class purchase. 
    70   – Punch Rewards.
    • AUD$70.00
    • 70   – Punch Rewards.
  • Diamonds Are Forever - Judy's QuiltTech Online Classes

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    Diamonds are Forever - Judy’s QuiltTech Online Class
    We all know that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but are they a quilter’s best friend?  Usually, no, as Y-Seams are involved and some tedious precise sewing.
    Let Krista Moser from The Quilted Life show you how easy it can be with her 60° Mini Diamond Ruler she designed for Creative Grids Rulers.
    In this class you will receive Step-by-Step Instructions with fully illustrated easy-to-follow diagrams, Video Tutorials, 3 Patterns – Tablerunner, Scrap Quilt and a Baby Quilt, all with Diamonds. Optional extra patterns are available.
    Using the 60° Mini Diamond and the Diamond Ruler you may cut diamonds, triangles, hexagons, parallelograms and trapezoids.

    3 Options available:-

    1. If you have previously purchased a Diamond ruler from us  you may purchase the Class only for $12
    2. Purchase 60° Mini Diamond Ruler by Creative Grids Rulers plus the Class for $50.
    3. Purchase the Combo package of the Class, 60° Mini Diamond Ruler by Creative Grids Rulers, Diamond Ruler by Creative Grids Rulers and Bumblebee Blossom pattern for only $100.00

    Note: If purchasing Option 1, Class Only, $12.00 p/h will be refunded.

    12   – Punch Rewards.
    • AUD$12.00
    • 12   – Punch Rewards.
  • Dynamic Dresdens - Judy's QuiltTech Online Classes

    Not rated yet

    Create contemporary or traditional Dresdens while avoiding the typical hazards that have frustrated many quilters in the past.
    Tips will be shared taking advantage of specialty tools and without specialty tools.
    Dresden units will lay flat with beautiful points … without appliqué centres! Dresdens create wonderful opportunities for fussy-cutting special fabrics to create spinning or kaleidoscopic effects.
    Dresdens may be cut from pieced strips to show layering effects.
    We can even insert piping into wedges for more layering effects and use ghost wedges to fool the eye!
    You’ll learn the Dresdens Over The Edge finish and a traditional finish so your quilts can be tailored to your preferences.

    3 Options available:-

    1. If you have previously purchased either ruler you may purchase the Class only for $20
    2. Purchase the Class and either the 18 degree or 30 degree Dynamic Dresdens Ruler for $40.
    3. Purchase the Combo package of the Class, both rulers, Prairie Pointer plus Dynamic Dresdens Book for only $120.00

    Judy's Note:  The last image is the main project for the Online Class.

    20   – Punch Rewards.
    • AUD$20.00
    • 20   – Punch Rewards.
  • Hearts Table Runner - Westalee TempLeeQuilt Method - Judy's QuiltTech Online Class

    Not rated yet

    Hearts Table Runner featuring TempLeeQuilt Method.  (to commence 20th April, 2020)

    Leonie West, Westalee Design, created TempLeeQuilt as a NEW technique using Westalee Quilting Templates over 2 or more layers of fabric and then cutting away sections to create an appliqué appearance, similar to raw edge appliqué. 

    Susan Moore, Westalee Accredited Teacher UK, has written and designed this pattern exclusively for Punch with Judy.

    You will need to use the Westalee Hearts Template Set to complete this as shown, however, you may simply learn the technique and use any other suitable Westalee Design Template Set. Therefore, I have made this class just as the Class Fee only. Your choice. Click for more...........



    20   – Punch Rewards.
    • AUD$20.00
    • 20   – Punch Rewards.