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Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 12 No. 2
Vol. 12 No. 2 on page 77 shows what one of my staff, Liz Colledge, made using some Slipper Patterns from Timber Lane Press with Slipper Foam for their softness and padding and Jiffy Grip for the soles. Check out other slipper patterns too

Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 12 No. 1
Vol. 12 No 1 has a whole article of "Decorative Vases" using Timtex Stabilizer and some of our beautiful Machine Embroidery CD's. Introducing our range of designs from "Hatched in Africa" and "Micnali Designs". Notice the Swarovski Crystals embellishing the main vase featured? Use the L'orna Decorative Touch Wand to make these permanent and so much easier for correct placement.
Why not try your hand at this wonderfully innovated new technique in making some vases to decorate your home or to give as presents. They are great conversation pieces. NO, you don't put water in them, they are "decorative", but you could place a true vase or bottle inside and use it for fresh flowers then!

Another casual staff member, Kim Dolan, has used Jacobean Jewels 5x7 designs from Hatched in Africa to embroider a beautiful blouse for MOI. Yes, ME. Aren't I the lucky one? Isn't it gorgeous?
What is unique about some of the CD's from Hatched in Africa is that they are designed and digitized to incorporate hot-fix crystals if desired and a "road map" comes with the CD's, giving advice on where to place the crystals for maximum effect.


Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 11 No. 6
Page 78 in Embroiderers Emporium describes all the ins and outs of the fantastic L'orna Decorative Touch™ Wand. "The wand can be used to embellish more than just fabrics, it can also be used in crafts such as scrapbooking, candle making, decoupage, doll making, pained surfaces, paper crafts, ceramics, stamping and so much more!" states the editorial. Use it with Hot-Fix Swarovski® Crystals, Pearls, Pearl Studs and any Hot-Fix item - which means the glue is already on the back of the crystal.
Comes complete with 8 Hot-Fix tips from 2mm to 7mm.

Note: You will need an Adaptor (not a Transformer) to convert the 110v 2 pin plug to our 240v 3 pin currency, which the article omitted to mention. We now have these for you as a convenience!


Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 11 No. 5
again sees the talent of Leaenda Ingram making "Fabulous Fabric Boxes" (made the cover!) using embroidery designs from her "The Simplisitic Collection" CD onto box designs from "Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes" book and Timtex Stabilizer. If you haven't tried this new craze yet, you really don't know what fun you are missing. There are new books, templates and stabilizers for bowls, boxes and bags. Don't hesitate!


Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 11 No. 4
Page 35 "Black Cutwork Magic" shows how to make free standing cutwork motifs using soluble stabilizer and organza. Leaenda Ingram who designed and made the beautiful evening bag and dress used a design from her Tactile Textures Collection and our Stencil Burner for the edges and cutwork detail.

Rowena Charlton also used our Stencil Burner in her project in the same issue for "Fruit Delicious" making a bowl of embroidered fruit featured on the cover.

Page 80 Embroiderers Emporium reminds us how to use Romeo, the heaviest of the water soluble stabilizers on the market, being an 80 micron.

Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 11 No. 3
has a wonderful tablecloth and food cover using the Dolphins Cutwork Designs from N Devaa Designs Fancy Edges Set 2 as well as "my" Orchid Shirt featuring Cutwork on the sleeves and lower edge. "My Shirt" because Merle kindly gave it to me for my own wardrobe!!! Using Polyester Fabric and Rayon Thread, you simply embroider the design and then "burn" away the cutwork designed holes with our Stencil Burner. So easy!

Read what the Magazine Editor had to say about our Stencil Burner on Page 79 in Embroiderers Emporium of Vol. 11 No. 3.
"This is a great tool to have at your disposal as it has so many uses. Make stencils for your own designs with precision, this fabulous tool can be used with Acetate, Mylar, Decoron or other plastic based stencilling materials. Of course, stencil burners have really come into their own with cutwork and decorative machine embroidery. They are great for edging designs that have been sewn out using rayon threads onto a polyester base fabric. The sharp, pointed tip has been specially designed to ensure a clean-cut edge and although engineered for a long life is replaceable if necessary."

In the same issue is a little project to make using our Double Eye Machine Embroidery Needle too and several other projects using CD's by Aussie digitizers for whom we proudly sell their designs.


Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 11 No. 1
has six pages of instructions of how to make my beautiful "Underwater Fantasy" Vest, kindly made by Barbara McIntyre from Brisbane. It shows how to use our Pleat Maker for a wee bit of fun with 3-D Seaweed and a glorious Fish. I challenged Barbara to make me a Vest using her marvellous talent and zany sense of humour. I love the result and hope you do too.

Judy's Note: In this same magazine is a great project called Rainforest Window featuring the Tropical Appliqué Design Set by N. Devaa Designs. The project can be done by either Traditional Machine Appliqué or Computerized Machine Appliqué. PLUS, the cover features an amazing Stained Glass Roman Blind by Leaenda Ingram using her own Stained Glass CD which is "to die for".

The same magazine also features the Free-Motion Slider on Page 79.
Having used this, I know how wonderful it is, but do you? This is what the magazine had to say about it.
"This is an amazing reusable Teflon sheet that can be adhered to your sewing machine bed to make free-motion sewing so much easier. No more dreaded drag,
particularly when trying to manipulate that quilt sandwich."
The Free-Motion Slider is not a permanently fixed item to your sewing machine, simply scotch-tape it into place for use making it easy to remove and store flat when not in use. Use it over and over for years. A valuable asset to make sewing life easy!

Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 10 No. 6
Page 84 of Stitches reviews the Sew Shabby Chic Bowl Tool & the book Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls by Linda Johansen and confirms the current craze that's taken the world by storm! Using Timtex® Stabilizer, you can create beautiful fabric bowls to grace your home. Imagine the possibilities - make decorative bowls from left-over curtain fabrics and with a bit of snipping and cutting an d basic zigzag stitch - voila! You can finish off with embellishments of any kind.

Judy's Note: Since the editorial was printed, the price of the Timtex® has been reduced to $12.00 per metre and each 34cm square piece is now $5.00.

Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 10 No. 4
Jan Schoots is a very talented seamstress who has made a delectable child's sundress using our Pleat Maker and some embroidery designs. I think it is absolutely charming and would delight any little girl because it looks so comfortable to wear whilst being so "party pretty". What a great way to combine our Pleat Maker with machine embroidery? Instructions commence on Page 32.

Machine Embroidery Magazine Vol. 10 No 5
The Embroiderers Emporium featured our Red Shades™ "sunglasses" on page 74. Now, quilters are very accustomed to having to differentiate between the values of colours as opposed to the difference of colours. So, I challenged the magazine staff to use the same technique in choosing threads for embroidery. They were amazed. They said,
"Have you ever despaired over putting colours together, unsure whether they provide a strong contrast, meld together or simply get lost and not make the statement you had envisioned?
Red Shades™ value glasses are perfect for helping to get clarity when it comes to colour combination, whether it be for quilting, painting or textile art. Originally designed for patchwork, they are wonderfully helpful whenever the choice of colour is important.
Pop them on and you are able to judge the fabric/colour values - the lightness and darkness factors of the fabrics/colours. It is as though you took a black and white photograph of the grouped fabrics or threads, leaving you with only the contrast - or lack thereof.
Saves costly mistakes or time wasted when the wrong combinations were chosen.
They fit right over your prescription glasses too.

Machine Embroidery Vol. 10 No. 3
Editorial found how great the Havel's Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper was for removing densely embroidered stitching saving a lot of bad language and frustration! This is what they had to say on Page 75.
"This is not just any seam ripper but one that has surgically sharp curved blades that glide easily through heavy stitches. The very fine sharp curved point slips easily underneath the bobbin stitching without danger of cutting the fabric. It is then a matter of cutting the bobbin threads and removing the stitching. To keep the tool at peak efficiency the blades are replaceable by simply unscrewing the safety screw and removing the old blade."

I know you'll love it too, because we ALL make mistakes that need unpicking!

Machine Embroidery Vol. 10 No. 2
When embroidering by machine, you don't need regular embroidery scissors, it is better to have the blade tips curved but it's also easier if the scissors have a curved shape too. Havel's Double-Curved Scissors fit the bill perfectly! Editorial says on Page 75……..

"These double-curved very sharp embroidery scissors are ideal for snipping off those pesky colour jump stitches cleanly and easily. The finger holes are generous to accommodate all finger sizes and the curved handle comfortably keeps the hand away from your embroidery or work piece. Lightweight and easy to pick up, the gently curved blade tips cut close to the fabric without the danger of nicking. Suitable for all types of machine and hand embroidery."

Judy's Note: These are also available for Left Handed users.

Machine Embroidery Vol. 9 No. 6
Page 32 gives an elegant project called "Teacups for Teatime", made by Merle Cook from N Devaa Designs, using teacup designs from Fancy Edges Set 1.
Cutwork has never been so easy! Simply sew the design using Rayon Thread onto Polyester Fabric, then burn away the "cut-out" sections with a Stencil Burner.
Full instructions will explain this easy and fascinating modern technique for ever-popular heirloom cutwork.

Page 75 of the Embroiderer's Emporium shows how to use the Tatool Tassel Loom for making ever so easy tassels.
"So many projects can be enhanced with gorgeous tassels - cushions, bolsters, machine-embellished garments and many more. But have you tried to buy just the right tassel in just the right shade? This can be very difficult!
Well, not any more now this remarkable clever tool is on the market. Called a tassel loom it literally helps you to weave beautiful, perfect tassels every time. Each loom comes with a book of instructions that cover not only how to make a basic tassel but bullion tassels and elegant keyhole tassels. Two sizes are available, one for standard size tassels (10-15cm) and the other for smaller sizes (6-10cm). Each loom is adjustable within the size range.

Machine Embroidery Vol. 9 No. 5
One of the most popular new products we've introduced this year has been Machingers, designed for free-motion quilting. However, machine embroiderers have discovered how easy they make free-motion embroidery too.
Page 65 says "For those who love to do free-machine embroidery or machine-pieced quilting these new gloves are going to make life so much easier. Made from breathable fabric that helps retain skin's natural moisture, they have a soft, flexible fingertip grip, made from polyurethane that will control fabric without drag. The form-fitting, seamless design allows the gloves to be kept on when clipping or changing threads, adjusting fabrics or adding and removing pins. To make long sessions at the machine more comfortable, the gloves have a superior hand and wrist system that helps reduce fatigue and tension not only in hands but arms, shoulders and neck as well."
Judy's Note: Available in four different sizes, not two like editorial states.

In the same issue on Page 36 there is a very educational article on Cutwork using our Stencil Burners. Simply embroider onto polyester fabric using rayon thread, then "burn" away those areas you wish to have open. The Stencil Burner seals the edges and eliminates any fraying. No Scissors needed!

Judy's Note: Refer to our NEW Stencil Burner for our 240v system, which supersedes the one shown in the above article. We are making our own tips for this model

The Plaid Stencil Cutter is also available but requires a Transformer for use in Australia and New Zealand. However, the Plaid one is the best of all I've used because it has a finer tip, has a shorter distance from the tip to where you hold the burner allowing more control and has an extremely flexible cord making you think you are merely writing with a big pencil.
The Plaid Stencil Cutter was featured in Machine Embroidery Vol. 10 No. 1 on Page 74 and in Australian Stitches Vol. 11 No. 9 noting that it comes with both a fine curved tip and a straight tip plus a wire resting stand.

Machine Embroidery Vol. 9 No. 4
Page 8 states the wonders of the Peanut Stitch Eraser.

"Anyone who has ever done hooped machine embroidery knows that sickening, sinking feeling when an embroidery - for any number of reasons - goes wrong. Particularly as it always seems to happen on something really special or urgent. Once you would have sat for hours with an unpicker praying not put a hole in the fabric. Well those days are gone. Now it is a simple matter of holding the Peanut Stitch Eraser at an angel of 90 degrees to the back of the embroidery and passing the eraser over the top of the stabilizer, trimming the bobbin stitches. These products will not damage the fabric and one the bobbin stitches have been cut, simply turn the work to the right side and brush the top stitching away. How easy it that? The Peanut Stitch Eraser comes with its own built-in transformer to be used with the normal 240v power supply."

Machine Embroidery Vol. 7 No. 3
Page 52 features yet another project made with the fabulous Sewing Revolution™
A beautiful Topiary of Daisies making an ordinary T-Shirt look like an expensive boutique garment.

Machine Embroidery Vol. 7 No. 2
Page 36 features another project of a circular tablecloth using The Sewing Revolution™ and a circular sewing attachment. This is a close-up of the center feature of the tablecloth.

Machine Embroidery Vol. 7 No. 1
One of the new products has been The Sewing Revolution™ . When I have demonstrated this at Shows and explained how to use this tool for machine embroidery, taking all the guesswork out of repeat design placement, the sales have staggered me.
On page 6 of this issue is a wonderful cushion project that will take you through the step-by-step usage of The Sewing Revolution™.

Machine Embroidery Vol 5 No.6
The cover shows a pleated cushion made using The Pleat Maker.