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For use with rotary cutters.
1997 Quilt Products Excellence Award HIA Show
1996 Best new product Canadian Sew/N'craft Show Click here to view a series of tutorials on the use of Marti Michell Products

Marti Michell was named as the 2004 recipient of the Silver Star Award, presented to a living person whose body or work has positively influenced, promoted and developed the art of quilting. This award was presented to Marti at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, U.S.A. in October. We all congratulate Marti and second the motion!

Quilting with Marti Michell the Perfect Patchwork Way

Quilters Love Perfect Patchwork Templates!  Enjoy Quilting with Marti - the Perfect Patchwork Way.

They are PERFECT for:

  • Rotary cutters – Cut multiple layers at one time.
  • Shapes and sizes – Specific-size 1/8-inch thick acrylic pieces. No guessing which line to use on a ruler.
  • 1/4-inch seam allowances already added.
  • Laser cut accuracy on every piece.
  • Corners – Not just blunt but revolutionary double blunt corners engineered for perfect alignment.
  • Permanent identification system.
  • Companion tools for strip cutting and piecing techniques.
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