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Online Classes

No time to attend classes at your local shop?
Maybe your local shop doesn't hold classes?
You possibly live too far away from any shop to attend their classes?
Maybe you are house-bound?
Do you have a young family who make it awkward timewise to attend shop classes?
Wishing to do your classes in your own time when it suits you?
ONLINE CLASSES are designed with YOU in mind!

  • You do not have to be in front of your computer at a given time on a given day either.
  • Lessons are available for you to download in your own time, when it suits your schedule.
  • Lessons are in PDF format and/or Video Tutorials, password protected, downloadable for future reference.
  • You are given ample time for class exercises, projects, experimenting and help is always available.
  • Facebook Chat Group: For discussions, sharing ideas & photos, questions and peer support. This will be your group but I will monitor it and help when required. Naturally, you may email me at any time too. Restricted to students only.
  • No payment is charged until one month prior to commencement date.
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