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Puff Necklace

By Judy Hall Photo reprinted with the courtesy of Express Publications

Sewing IS fun! Particularly when you can whip up exciting Jewellery pieces like these in next to no time. Furthermore, it is SO EASY using the fabulous FASTURN™ turning tools with fabric tubes.

Of course, we've always used fabric tubes for spaghetti straps and piping cord, but, we now use fabric tubes for garment embellishments, entire reversible garments and even quilts. There are many books and patterns available for these, but here is one extra idea which is so quick and easy.

Don't make just one, make several. They are great gifts or, sell them at your local market stalls. One idea will lead to another and soon you'll be using fabric tubes for matching earrings, bracelets, covered buttons, sunglasses cords, belts, hair pieces, curtain tie-back, chair ties, coiled baskets, bag handles, straps and a host more.

Any dress weight fabric will do, however, paisley, tie-dyed or marbled type fabric will look best. Fabric is easier to work with for jewellery if cut on the bias as it "sits" better. However, if insufficient fabric scraps, you can use the straight grain. Use the given measurements for your first piece, but, later you will wish to vary the width and length for different sized necklaces.

If you like this project, then there are many more similar projects in the book "Puff 'N Stuff Accessories".


  • 5.5cm x 55cm piece of fabric cut on the bias
  • Fastube™ Foot
  • Fasturn™ Tool Set Used to turn, stuff and apply beads
  • Cotton Balls (pack from the Supermarket type)
  • 45cm length of wood dowel From the Hardware
  • Pony Beads 5 Large & 6 Small with a hole large enough to allow the fabric to pass through. Wooden, metal or ceramic beads are other alternatives.
  • Scissors
  • Jewellery Findings Available through our Charms Catalogue


  1. With right sides together, fold fabric in half lengthwise and stitch a 6mm (¼") seam with the machine set to a small zig-zag stitch. (Width 1 & Length 1) See Diagram 1.
    A Fastube™ Foot is ideal for this, have the setting suitable for Fasturn™ No. 5 Tool. This assures an accurate seam.

  2. Using the No. 5 Fasturn™ Tool, turn the fabric tube right side out. See Diagram 2.

  3. Insert the No. 5 Fasturn™ Tool back into the fabric until it reaches halfway down the tube. Place a cotton ball into the tool. Using the No. 3 Fasturn™ Tool, push the cotton ball in as far as it will go. Since that tool isn't long enough to push the cotton ball ALL the way out of the larger tool, use the wooden dowel to push it further till it reaches the centre of the fabric tube. See Diagram 3.

  4. Remove the tool and dowel. The fabric tube now has one cotton ball inserted approx. halfway down . Trim the ends of the fabric tube diagonally to make it easier to thread the beads. See Diagram 4.

  5. Working from this central cotton ball in both directions, add a pony bead either side. Place several beads onto the Fasturn Hook Insert the "corkscrew" end of the wire into the tip of the fabric and push one bead off the wire onto the fabric. See Diagram 5.

  6. Remove the wire and push the bead all the way down to the cotton ball. Push up tightly against it.

  7. Add another cotton ball and another bead until the piece is the size you want. Try to maintain the shape of the cotton ball as much as possible to ensure all the puffs are of equal shape and dimension. See Diagram 7. See Finished Puff Necklace Diagram 8 for bead placement.

  8. To finish the ends: Measure the distance equally on both sides from the last bead to the end of the fabric tube and trim to the desired length. Using jewellery findings, add a clasp. Alternatively, tie ends into a bow (finish raw edges first), use velcro, make a loop and button, or stitch together and simply pull the necklace over your head. Another idea is to finish the ends with a fancy brooch or scarf clip and position it to the side front allowing it to become part of the necklace.


Embellish the fabric strip with decorative stitching using metallic thread
before seaming.

Use marbles instead of cotton balls and place it around the brim of a hat.
The marbles will help weigh it down to keep it on the hat!

Use 3 beads and smaller cotton balls to shape into earrings and attach fish
hook findings on the ends. No.3 Fasturn™ is better used for these.

Make double or triple strands to form a belt, curtain tie-backs or bag
handles. Alter the position of the beads for these.

Drape a strand across a garment top, using the same fabric or a contrast,
accenting the neckline. Use a No. 2 or No. 3 Fasturn™ Tool for this though
so as it is not too heavy. Further embellish the garment with other trims.