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Punch with Judy - Happy Australia Day 2010 Newsletter



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Happy Australia Day - John and I are enjoying the serenity of a peaceful day at home by ourselves and thinking how fortunate we are to live as we do, here in the country.  Yes, dry as all may be, but it's still HOME!


Yes, we MUST look on the positive side of everything and today we help celebrate what has become the country's biggest day of celebrations with over 5,000 events happening in NSW alone on today, the 26th January, 2010 - AUSTRALIA DAY.

It is a day to reflect upon what living in Australia means.  A National Tribute to everything that is great about Australia and about being an Australian, but also to have the courage to stand up for what needs improving.  This is our country, our greatest inheritance, we must keep it a wonderful place to live and appreciate its worth.

We celebrate Australia Day on this day each year because it was on the 26th January, 1788, that Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales and became its first Governor.  The first official celebrations were held in 1818 to mark the 30th anniversary of white settlement, but do you know all the history?  Here are some interesting facts to read.

I think you will enjoy it.

Here's a photo I took whilst enjoying Australia Day Celebrations in Sydney with my two daughters in 2008. See the  First Fleet re-enactment in the background as those Tall Ships sail under the Harbour Bridge.




Happy Sewing,
Your friend,





Many have been following the wonderful January Website Birthday Celebrations too.  You must visit my website daily to see what that day has in store for you as you receive the presents, not I.  Today is Made in Australia Day, so make sure you take a peep at some of our great Aussie talent.


Also, every website order made during the entire month is eligible to win the Lucky Draw.  You have only a few more days of brilliant specials awaiting you.



Yes, I have succumbed!  I now have a Blog.  Please do visit and read what's been happening this month on the homefront and also to view some great new videos of using new products.  These are also able to be viewed on my website, but within the Blog I will be drawing your attention to new ones as they come to hand. There'll be a mix of personal and business items that I feel may interest those who like to follows blogs.  I would sincerely appreciate your comments and what you'd like to have included on my blog or any dislikes you may have.  This is a whole new learning curve for me and I'm open to all ears.  Afterall, it's for YOU.

Some may never have read a Blog before, many may feel hesitant, but please take the jump with me and tread in unknown waters and we'll "blog" up and down.  I know you can ask your own system to be advised when I add a new posting.  You don't receive an email from me like you get my Newsletters.  You need to visit the Blog on your own accord whenever you wish. 

I hope you enjoy the frivolity and antics.  Of course, it goes without saying, the Newsletters will be your detailed source of information and shall not be influenced.   I shall endeavour to post fortnightly mid-week probably, let me find my legs with it first.


Details will be emailed to all those who've expressed interest in the Online Pleat Maker Classes about to commence on 1st March.  Don't miss out.  Full details on my website. If you are a subscriber to Sewing with Stitches Australia, check out the current Special Offer for subscribers from Punch with Judy.

Those for Punchneedle Embroidery will commence in April, so details will be shortly finalized for that Online Class too.


This is MY Newsletter and today is all about being a proud Australian, so please allow me to indulge in a very proud happening.  Our eldest granddaughter, Kirsten, attended her 10th Year Formal at the end of last year and I just had to show you what a beautiful young lady she has become - and she's just as beautiful from within too.  A truly delightful young Australian.

She MADE her own gorgeous gown on my very old Bernina 730 Sewing Machine with lots of help from a member of her Senior Hockey team who offered to make it for her but who had the wisdom of insisting that Kirsten do most of it herself - and she DID.  Many hours of sewing after school with MUM waiting patiently, as Mums do, conversation came about with Kirsten saying what her grandma did.  It was then discovered that Vicki KNEW me.  When my good friend, Mary Reader, owned a shop in Darwin, I visited annually teaching and thoroughly enjoyed the company of so many friends and customers, but times have moved on.  Many live in other areas now, including Mary, but I'm very pleased to say we keep in touch regularly!  Anyway, Vicki worked in that shop all those years ago.  How small a world we live in.  Here she was guiding Kirsten and helping then to discover this connection. 

CONGRATULATIONS Kirsten, you deserve this recognition and I'm sure all my readers congratulate you too.

Am I forgiven friends?


Till next time,



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