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Punch with Judy - June Newsletter 2011



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Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend for the Queen's Birthday celebrations - in most States of Australia, not all.

On Sunday, I had a lovely day with the family as we once again had a Family Reunion in honour of the memory of my darling Mother.  Hence I was not at the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane though John and Liz manned the Punch with Judy stand.  Hope many visited and enjoyed the frivolities of the fascinating displays of texturing fabric, knitting and all types of clever things done with fabric, yarn, craft products and all the way out stuff too.

Running two consecutive Online Classes at the moment is keeping me busy in between everything else.  Girls are thoroughly enjoying these classes and the friendliness of the students towards each other is really rewarding - I'm sure these groups will continue way after the last lesson. 

Biggest show of the year is coming up next week at Darling Harbour in Sydney, so preparations this week for that.

Everything farmwise is looking wonderful as our year continues to be excellent.  Frosts in the morning but beautiful sunny days.  One ewe had quadruplets recently so I popped a photo of them on my blog if you wish to catch up with some farm photos.

The birdlife is flourishing too at present with all the water and feed available so added some photos of those too.

Am looking after 3 year old grandson, Hunter, this week whilst Rowan attends a School Study Teachers' Review.  Grandpa will be home though to amuse him with "men's farm work"!

Happy Sewing,
Your friend,



Sydney's Craft & Quilt Fair

People come from ALL States to the largest craft event in the southern hemisphere!  Did you know that?  Yes, the Craft & Quilt Fair at the Sydney Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour from 22nd - 26th June IS the place to be. 5 days 9.00am to 5.00pm. The Craft & Quilt Fair has it all - free workshops, hands-on classes, shopping and quilt displays - all under one roof.  Please do come and visit Punch with Judy on Stand A27.  Now there is a completely new floor plan for this show and the entrance has changed, so please collect a floor plan as you enter the show.  We are in the same position, far left hand side backing onto the Workshops, but many Exhibitors chose to change their stand position due to the new layout.

There are approx. 200 Exhibitors and more Guest Artists than ever before in three big halls.  Sandra Chandler from Just Curves USA is our International Guest once again demonstrating her revolutionary invention of the Curve Master Presser Foot for all curved seams.  Also, Leonie West from Westalee Designs, will be my Guest on Wednesday and Thursday only demonstrating her award-winning inventions of the Westalee Quilting Ruler and Template Product Range.

Hope you will find time to attend some or all of the following which we are proud to present for you.

At 11.30am, I will be a Guest Presenter on a new venture run by the organizers to encourage dressmaking and sewing in general. Sewing Studio is encouraging people to sew for themselves again giving demonstrations of "how to do it" plus some quick tips for more professional results. I have chosen to demonstrate the following:

"Why a Fusible Thread? Once in a while, a new idea or technique or product comes along that revolutionizes the way we do something. Such is the case with Charlotte's Fusible Web, a new fusible thread. Ideas, techniques and results are amazing - hems, facings, putting in zippers, applique, binding etc."

At 12 noon at the new "What's Hot Live", Liz will be presenting "Quick tips for making bags using accessories and hardware". This is full of useful ideas for your bagmaking, certainly the hottest craze for sewers.


 Craft Circles are always popular as the hands-on aspect appeals to many. We have a great class to offer you at 12.30pm in Craft Circle 4 where upon you'll learn "Stick Weaving".

Liz will show you how to make a quick scarf using the age-old traditional technique of weaving with wooden sticks. Absolutely easy, fun to do and suitable for any age. Weaving Sticks are provided on loan in the class but students may purchase them for a special class price. Kit includes 2 balls of yarn and instructions.

Cost if $15.00 and you'll need to book on Stand A27. I will also accept emailed bookings.

My daily workshop at the Show is at 1.30pm in Workshop 1

"Stars, Diamonds & Kaleidoscopes" - Don't be afraid of these shapes any more. I will explain new techniques with new tools to make them all a piece of cake! Suitable for both beginners and advanced. Everyone is learning so much in this workshop.

3.00pm brings us to "What's Hot Live" again and this time we show you how easy it is to make folded fabric flowers using Clover's new range of templates.

"Flowers, Frills & Kanzashi Folded Flowers". Learn how to make ever-so-easy flip 'n fold frilled flowers and folded-fabric Kanzashi flowers with traditional Japanese techniques.

SEE YOU ALL AT THE SHOW and remember, if you would like any order brought to the show, please let me know before Friday 17th June.  Saves you postage on mail orders and saves you time at the Show.

Don't forget your Show Coupons too. Print them and collect your discounted products or receive your FREEBIES.    No coupon, No Offer.


ANNOUNCEMENT:  The CraftExpo Shows have a NEW name and new logo. 

From now on they will be called Craft and Sewing Shows.  Next ones for us will be at Newcastle in August (previously held in March) and Melbourne in October (now at Caulfield Racecourse).


Machine Embroidery Retreat will be held from 11th - 13th September and also 16th - 18th September 2011.  Please note the NEW date of the first one, commencing one day later than previously announced. Everyone learns so much whilst having a great time with other fellow enthusiasts. We will be supplying you with designs to upload so as everyone will come to the Retreat fully prepared so as ALL the time will be spent sewing and learning.  Plus, new this year, we will also supply the stabilizers and fabrics being used.  View full particulars on our Retreats section.  There are limited vacancies left so please confirm your place with a $100.00 deposit asap.


The two Online Classes being held presently are really flying high.  The girls are really "into it" and we're all learning so much between the actual Lessons and the discussions on the Yahoo Groups.  I couldn't be happier with their progression and the friendliness of all concerned.  The Westalee Mystery Sampler Quilt and the Curve Master Course are indeed in full swing.


Where do I start here?  There are numerous new products having been added in the last month that you certainly will have your eyes opened if you haven't visited What's New? for some time.

The ever-popular applique patterns from Joan's Own Creations have some new patterns added to the range. "The Quilt House" is show here but there are quite a few more.   "Oh Christmas Tree" has already proven to be very popular, but I'd recommend making it into an advent calendar.

New patterns from By Annie, including a Cell Phone/Camera Case/Wallet, and a new Netbook Computer Carrier.

 Sew-Phisticats and Purse-O-Nalities have some great new bag patterns too, always fabulous. I love their Kathleen's Karry-It-All and so have the people visting our show stand.

The Creative Thimble has another new bag pattern too.  Ursula Emily Purse Pattern is a delightful addition to their range.


One for the quilters - an 18" Quilting Hoop with Lap Stand from Hinterberg


Inn-Spire is selling very well too - an absolutely amazing "stabilizer" which may be moulded to shape with heat.  Worth a look at!  I'll have a little tutorial on it shortly - either on my blog or as a project. See the flower on the top of the box?  That's what I mean by sculpting to shape.


Two new DVDs from Palmer/Pletsch - Jeans for Real People shows you how to make Jeans to fit YOUR body.  Maybe you could be interested in "Will This Fabric Work For You" DVD?  

The Simplicitiy Bias Tape Maker is selling surprisingly well considering the price is over $100.00 but quilters and sewers are welcoming it with open arms.  So many additional attachments too. View the video to see how easy making bias can be.

One of my favourites is the Simpli-EZ Bias Binding Ruler though.  Just love it.  Makes cutting strips on the bias or straight absolutely a cinch with no errors. 



By far the most successful new product though is the range of Kanzashi Flower Maker Templates from Clover, following on from their successful Flower Frill Template range.  Truly, can't keep up with the sales of same.  For all ages and all levels of skill too - says a lot for the product. 



Is there such a thing as "Perfect Scissors"?  Karen Kay Buckley claims her new scissors are such so named them exactly that.  View them here.  Available as 4" and 7 1/2".

Sewline have a new Needle Threader especially made for FINE Needles  We've been using it and think it's fabulous. The Sewline quickthru Needle Threader is designed for fine needles (Sizes 9 - 12) and it's ever so easy to use.  They have some other new markers too in the new products section. 

I have some more fabulously exciting new products on their way too.



Julie Hall has released several new CDs and has excelled herself again.  They are selling extremely well.  Julie keeps coming up with some great new designs, such as Give a Hoot, A Ladies' Amoire, Cat's Meow, Kimmni Dolls (pictured left), Asian Aspects, Drawn Thread Hearts, Edwards Garage, Hearts & Flowers Candlewicking, The Birdcage (pictured right), The Shadowed Garden, Shoe Shine, Carousel Horses and Whitework Flowers.  See what I mean?  A host of new ones to choose from. Shan't place a link to each one, just view them ALL here.

Allow me to introduce a very exciting new Aussie Designer, Kay Hanley from
1-2-3 Embroidery Her designs are refreshingly appealing and ever so cute for the little ones in your life.  Grandma/Nanas - you won't be able to resist these. 

Her new Spacer Racer Game Quilt is outstanding for the kids to play with.  I have the samples for display and it's really great.  Bean Bag Pals and Fuzzy Feelings (both pictured here) are great little noveliesy to adorn the bedroom or just for anywhere - including for adults!  Love them.  Bean Bag pals sit up by themselves. 

The most popular has been Little Sea Friends.  We all know how important it is to know your Times Tables but are they being learnt in schools like we used to have them forced upon us?  Here's a way to encourage youngsters to learn them parrot fashion.  Make them a Times Table Quilt!


Book Buddies consist of 5 different bookmarks plus some kids' projects. These are so very cute, think I'll use one myself. These little animal-faced bookmarks peep over the top of the book and are connected with elastic to their feet, making them adaptable to any size book.



Embellish Magazine have a new Issue released - Volume 2 Issue 6 has the little Red Eyed Green Tree Frog in it that was orinally photographed in Volume 1 Issue 2.  by popular demand, they've now released the pattern for same.  So, if you wish, I will GIVE you Issue 2 FREE with the purchase of the new Issue which has the pattern in it.  20 only - so get in first.  You MUST mention this offer in the additional comments section of your online order.


In this section we have wonderful FREE Projects for you. This week I shall add 3-D Flowers using Texture Magic or Krinkle Magic


Have a little preview of other things you may do with either product mentioned above on my blog.

While visiting my blog, why not subscribe to it so as you may be informed when there's a new blog posted?


Simply visit Damaged & Discontinued, order whichever you please, then type in the Additional Comments section of your order that you wish to purchase the one from the D&D for such and such a price as the normal retail price will be showing on your order.  Don't worry about that, we'll adjust manually. This week there are some rulers from Westalee and Marti Michell that shouldn't last very long, so be quick.


I've recently added several new tutorials here.  Many to do with products mentioned in the What's New? column.  This is a great way for you to learn more about products.  Some from Simplicity and some from Westalee - browse through them all though.


Shortly I'll be adding a section from students' work for the current Online Classes - in the meantime, view the results from those who completed the Pleat Maker Online Course and the Punchneedle Online Course as we'll be holding these again.  It may encourage you to join our next one.


Did you know that there is a section on my website called "Pain Relief Products" that lists products we sell that assist with all types of pain relief allowing us to persue our hobbies?  Something for your bottom to sit upon if you suffer from tailbone pain, back support for lumbar pain, gloves enabling you to deal with arthritic pain and wrist pain, ergonomic rotary cutter, self-threading needles for hand and also for machine, grippers, magnifiers, lights and quilting aids.  One does not have to suffer.

Did you know that Naphthalene Flakes act as a deterrent for rodents?  Has certainly helped with the mice we have in the sheds that the country is experiencing at present.  Maybe a good thing for you to keep in mind if you ever need same.

Did you know that if you sew oversized, chunky buttons on the outside of the base of any bag you make, will protect the bottom of your bag from soiling when you place it down on a table/bench/floor or whatever, as one does.  Of course, you may purchase "Bag Feet" to do the same job, but keep your eye open for these large buttons.

Did you know that the Australian Women's Weekly, who was the original sponsor of the Craft & Quilt Fairs, has now returned as THE major sponsor replacing Better Homes & Gardens?  We welcome their support for our industry.


On one of the Online Classes discussions this week, I mentioned the Telescopic Magnet as being an excellent way to find dropped screws or pick up pins etc from the floor, without having to get on your hands and knees searching for same.  I just wouldn't be without mine for a whole lot of other uses too.  It stretches out to more than my arm's length enabling me to pick up things also from where my fingers nor arm can fit.  I genuinely find it one of the most useful "necessary tools" in my toolbox. I know I've mentioned this before here, but it really is so helpful.


Till next time,

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