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Punch with Judy - October Newsletter 2010



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Hi Everyone,

Missed on sending you a September Newsletter but I had posted numerous blogs, was just far too busy with being overseas and having two Retreats here!  In fact, the whole time I was overseas in August, I constantly kept everyone up to date with my blogs.  I do hope you were following me.  Visit and you can actually sign up to have notification when a new blog has been posted.  Thanks to those who have said how much they enjoyed the photos from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England and of my touristy travels too.  Wow, what a time we had.  Would go again tomorrow.  If you do check back through my blogs they are all in there, simply go to the Archive Section the right and scroll down to the previous postings.

Went to Henty Field Days in September and tried to keep the lid on John's spending, so gave it a little humour which is able to be read in my blogs too.  He got his best thrill from learning how to do this brilliant fencing knot in wire.  Whatever keeps him happy!

We've had excellent rainfalls and the countryside still looks superb.  Very colourful at present with green grass everywhere, green crops growing beautifully, bright yellow canola crops glistening in the sun, colourful purple Paterson's Curse which some locals should've sprayed for - though they do add colour and superb blue skies (other than this week).  What you city folk are missing!!!!  Actually, in the last 36 hours we've had more rain than sometimes we get for a whole year.  Never known it to be like it's been today.  The Rock is under flood with SES fellows everywhere.

Had a few emergency trips to Sydney and the South Coast last month since Melinda has had an emergency hip operation in RPA Hospital and now is hobbling around with a pin and plate added to her structure with her already problem back.  Never ending for that poor kid!  Just the same, loved visiting our granddaughters, so that was the upside!

Jasmine has continued on her successful quest  with dreams of a future World Cup and captained the Riverina Soccer Team to winning the Country Cup in the State Championships held in Dubbo during the last fortnight's school holidays.  They were 3rd in the State and this is the highest achievement of girls' soccer at this level for our area since anyone can ever remember.  Jasi won the Best & Fairest for her region in the Under 12's too.  Just watching the Commonwealth Games gives evidence that nearly all medal winners gave tribute to their parents for t he miles and hours spent giving their offspring every possible opportunity. 

Rowan purchased his first house early this month and now lives in a little town along the Murray River about 20 mins west of Albury called Howlong which is where he's been teaching for some time now.  Hunter loves his new freedom having a very secure backyard plus front yard and has been attending Child Care in Howlong since April.  This one sure is a Grandpa's boy though and idolizes John - maybe something to do with going on the quad bike with him around our farm?  Look how much he's grown though!  Forgive me but all grandmas are allowed to have "brag books" hey girls?

I promised some of the Retreatees that I would show them a plume made from our own Emu Feathers.  A Colonel in the Australian Army visits each March to help with the harvest in return for taking all the emu feathers.  He then makes them into plumes with much care to detail of size and quality.  Cadets need to "march out" upon completing their initial course wearing an army hat which prides itself with these plumes.  So, he makes a nice little penny selling them.  Aren't they great?  

Enjoy this Newsletter over a cuppa ladies and gents, it's a long one.

Your friend,



Recently it was announced that the Textile Art Festival would now be held biennially and maybe in different States.  This has now been changed as the organizers said they "listened" to the enormous response from the industry and the public so have acted accordingly.  It will now be held on the June long weekend at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre alongside the Scrapbook & Papercraft Expo & Convention.  Whilst they will run in separate halls, an entry point will be made in the middle of the two shows so the public - with one admission ticket - will gain entry to both shows, giving them fantastic value for money.  The structured classes will be dropped in favour of short workshops.  So, keep those dates in mind - 10th - 12th June 2011.

Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair is our next show, being held at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre, Southbank from 20th - 24th October from 9.00am to 5.00pm. We will be attending in our usual position on Stand A09 and holding daily workshops and hands-on classes - details following.  Any special orders I'll need to know immediately please.   Sandra Chandler from Just Curves USA will be my guest at the Show demonstrating the wonders of her invention the Curve Master Presser Foot.

The new Craftalk stage area features a panel of three "'so-called experts" who will solve your craft conundrums!  Come armed with your questions and they'll try to answer with all their experience during the 40 minute sessions - 11.00am, 12.30pm and 2.00pm.  I'm on the 12.30pm panel, so be kind!

With my running shoes on at 1.30pm daily I'll be conducting my "Binding Methods" Seminar in Workshop 4.  I will introduce new binding methods, new feet and tools to add the finishing touch.  This is a very "full-on" workshop for an hour and you'll gain heaps of ideas, tricks and cheating methods - suitable for beginners and the more experienced.

Learn how to use the Double Diamond Ruler for dimensional diamonds for clothing and quilting as well as be amazed with just how good the new Martelli Rotary Cutting Mats and Rotary Cutters are in the Ideas Station display area at 10.00am daily.  Mats are double-sided and "heal" better than any other.

Liz will tutor the Hands-On class at 3.30pm daily in Craft Circle 4 teaching how to make Ruched Flowers, using the Vintage Rose Spindle, the Clover Rose Maker and roses using our Pleat Maker.  Great fun and suitable for any age.  Kit costs $10.00 and you book on our Stand A09.  Limited to 15 in each class.

The Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair is only on once a year, so don't miss it.  Come with a friend or a group and have even more fun.  You'll SEE displays of quilts and crafts plus demonstrations of how to do it yourself.  Take the opportunity to LEARN something new in a huge program of daily workshops and hands-on classes.  Of course, you can BUY unique craft projects for stamping, scrapbooking, knitting, embroidery, sewing, quilting and jewellery-making.  What more could you ask for and do you know, it is far cheaper than the show I attended in England?  We had to pay the equivalent to AUD $12.00 for every 1 hour's seminar we attended!

Now, don't forget, if you want something especially brought to the show for you, be so good as to let me know straight away.  We're leaving early Sunday morning.

Last week at the CraftExpo held in Melbourne, we tried a new floor layout with the Clover Stands angled across the front allowing more point of entries into our stand.  If you visited that show, would you care to comment on your experience within our stand as opposed to previous visits?  Did you like it?  Here's a photo of what we did.

Don't forget your Show Coupons too. Print them and collect your discounted products or receive your FREEBIES.   Too good to miss.  No coupon, No Offer.


Well, what a great time we had at BOTH Machine Embroidery Retreats in September!  32 students attended and I think 5 partners.  You really must visit my blog to see the students' achievements and their delighted faces.  Half of them have rebooked for next September and I think that's confirmation of what they believed to be excellent value and a grand learning experience.  You too could have a little holiday with us.  New dates for 2011 are on the website but you must book early, at least before March even though they aren't until September.  I think why they are so popular is because they are hands-on with your own machine - meaning not just lectures and with no pressure selling to upgrade your machine.  I don't sell sewing machines any more, so how could there be?  Tell you a secret though - a certain two retreatees visited their local sewing machine dealer on the way home from the Retreat (yes, before they headed for their own home) and both upgraded to a beautiful new model.  Think that lucky dealer owes me a commission hey? 

Now just look at these happy faces from our September Retreats!


  I'm also considering holding another Patchwork Retreat because I think the whole range of Westalee Design Rulers needs to be shown just how versatile they are by utilizing not only their adjustable rulers, but their range of templates.  You really will be amazed how the entire system co-ordinates with each other once you are shown.  Two days on Westalee and one day using the Curve Master other than for normal curved piecing.  Sounds ideal?  Let me know if you could be interested as I need to schedule a date when I have enough interest. 

Refer to our website for further details in the Retreats section.





I certainly have a treat to offer you in 2011 by offering 4 different Online Classes.  Pleat Maker, Fasturn Turning Tools, Punchneedle Embroidery and Curved Piecing Patchwork the Curve Master way!

First Online Class scheduled is:

PLEAT MAKER ONLINE CLASSES with Judy Hall commencing 1st February, 2011.   Six lessons , issued fortnightly on 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month - giving students ample time for class exercises, projects, experimenting and communicating with others via our chat group.   Cost is $65 .00

These lessons will take you through from how to use your Pleat Maker correctly, manipulating your fabric, having fun with frills & trims, flowers & embellishments and using your Pleat Maker for patchwork.   Come join me on a wonderful path that will change your sewing ideas forever!

Here's a great bag I captured a photo of at the recent Festival of Quilts Show I attended in England. Venetian Scene was in the Pfaff Challenge section and it attracted me immediately because of the pleated water as the background. (Apologies for not noting the clever person who made it)

After completing our first Punchneedle Online course, we unanimously decided that future lessons should be monthly, not fortnightly, giving students more time to complete their projects.  Wonderful items were made and I was thrilled with their advancement in the craft during the course.  Projects are still being sent to me months after completing the course and that's absolutely wonderful and so satisfying for me.  Recently, June sent us photos of her completed small Tablecloth and all the students (and I) were in awe as she punched it all with her No.1 Punchneedle with a single strand of embroidery floss.  Please enjoy and marvel.


Oh my!  Where to start first?  Please visit both the current and the archive sections of What's New? because there are so many products in both since my last Newsletter. 


Great new bag ranges from Turkey Track Designs, Purse-O-Nalities & Sewphisti-Cat Designs.  All three have fabulous bags, just love them all.  Kat from StudioKat Designs has a new one just for us!  DittyRoo Bag Pattern (pictured here) with alliance to our Kangaroo, of course.  Joan from Lazy Girl Designs has three new great additions to her range - Margo Handbag, Maggie and Lily Pocket Purse

Full details of all these by clicking their links.

If you like your bags ready-made, particularly to carry all your craft and sewing projects, then you can't go past The Yazzii Collection for quality items that will last forever.  There have been copies, but none measure up to the Yazzii standard. Soooo many new ones for you to choose from that there lay the dilemma - which one?  Definitely must have is the Mini Iron Storage Case!

I've just ordered Yasmita's range of Medical Folders which she enthusiastically showed me last week in Melbourne.  John was absolutely rapt in the concept.  It's all about being organized in case of emergency that you may have all your medications recorded as to what you take, when, dosage, strength etc. so as if an accident or incident occurs, ambulance and hospital staff know exactly the medical needs of the patient. 

Great for the glove-box of the car, travelling, or just for the family to know.  Does your family know exactly what medications you need?  Watch for this Medical range to be added to our website early next week.

When I travelled overseas in August, I took a Tutto Machine on Wheels with me as my cabin luggage.  It was FABULOUS.  So many compartments to keep me organized and the small size is completely within airlines restricted measurements.  The larger ones will hold your sewing machine or all your quilting needs.  Pretty well priced too, you'll be surprised. Extremely sturdy with a very strong frame.  Actually, I thought it had more pockets than what I required. Available in four colours and in two sizes. (Of course, mine is Purple!)  Certainly gets my vote.


Just love all of the patterns from By Annie, definitely one of our most popular ranges of patterns.  Annie continues to inspire us with using Texture Magic in her range of designs.  Clothes, soft toys, quilts and bags.  Great range.  The Videos on using Texture Magic are very informative and ever so natural with "Mother Superior" and Annie simply having fun in their presentations.  Please view them and enjoy their tutorials.

What is Texture Magic?  It magically shrinks your fabric up to 30% resulting in a wonderful textured effect.  One of the new patterns from By Annie is "Special Occasion Purses" and Liz made up our samples for displa y, so let me show you one of them.


Plenty of new tools and templates for quilters.  Choose from Deb Tucker's Wing Clipper for Flying Geese or Tucker Trimmer for Half Square and Quarter Square Triangles (actually make them larger then trim them down precisely - easy) both are brilliant tools, Square-Up Ruler (for many sizes blocks), Bloc-Loc Half Square Triangle Ruler (squares up Half Square Triangles) and all the X-Blocks Tools and Patter ns.

Another new product that has seized the imagination of quilters who hate pinning their quilts out with safety pins - try Pinmoor.  Watch the video to see how easy it is to anchor your quilt with regular pins and Pinmoor.  I've found that EZ Quilting Pins, Sullivan's Quilting Pins and Clover Patchwork Pins are the strongest in my range of pins most suitable for this method.

Of course, binding your quilt is almost always done with you making your own binding in a matching fabric rather than purchasing ready-made binding.  Why?  Because you could then use better quality fabric and you could use the double fold binding method.

Ahah!  Now there is Lollipops!  Ready-made double fold fabric binding made from quality Moda fabric in plains, stripes, spots, prints etc. which will spice up your quilt.  This is really an excellent product and marketed so well by having the binding wound around into a Lollipop effect.  3 sizes and ever such a range. Brilliant!

Mettler Silk Finish Thread is not silk thread, but 100% cotton thread, excellent for machining, quilting and embroidery.  Try it, you'll love it.

Now in some variegated shades too about to be added to our website.

Walt Floriani has a brilliant new release of "Embroidery Suite Pro" which includes Digitizing, Lettering, Auto Digitizing with Applique, Monograms, Stitch2 Perfection, SmartSizer Editing, Borders and Frames PLUS 5 hours of FREE training video tutorials.  Wait for it to be added early this week.  I was VERY impressed with this when shown at a recent teacher's seminar.  Suits ALL brands of sewing machines too!

Cathy Miller (Canadian but Aussie too) is affectionately called The Singing Quilter and she has just released her 5th Musical CD featuring quilty songs she has written plus two by someone else.  Cathy and her hubby John entertain you sometimes with tears and sometimes with laughter as they frolic through their quilty folk songs.  We all love them and "Little Crazy Quilt" will be added to her range early this week (just so much to do!).   Stock has arrived and Cathy tells me we were the first order in the world to be shipped out!   View her others!   Listen to Cathy sing.  Snippet - Cathy and John recently visited Alaska and they sent me a photo showing them enjoying their holiday and what did Cathy have on her shoulder?  A Punch with Judy Purple Bag!


Jenny Haskins has a whole new range of Special Edition Machine Embroidery CDs released.  Over time, Jenny has had many magazine publications of her quilts with designs to die for, however, most are now out of print.  Jenny has been able to resurrect these and added some more for the amazingly low price of only $44.00 each and there are 10 to choose from. Think about it - the pattern and designs to make many of her famous quilts.  Surely has been this month's fastest seller.

Julie Hall keeps getting better and her new range of Mylar Designs for Machine Embroidery are really cute.  Mylar is the easiest item to use and it gives an iridescent sheen to any thread at all without having to use metallic thread. She has angels, mermaids and things for a "bar".

Leaenda Ingram has digitized two new ranges exclusively for Punch with Judy.  The public have accepted them well as they've been strong sellers.  You may stitch them out onto Timtex Stabilizer or a heavy Cutaway Stabilizer.  "My Tags" and "My Labels" are great little gift items too.  Label items you take to classes, for travel and for no reason at all other than they are cute!

The Sewing Revolution girls have released another wonderful ruler for those who like to try something different.  The Create-a-Tilt Ruler tilts blocks with a minimal waste of fabric and may be used with any size block in any size quilt. Fascinating!




Outback Embroidery Thread is an excellent #40 Rayon Thread on a 1,000m spool.  I've not found one student yet at any Machine Embroidery Retreat that hasn't loved using it.  For you, my special group, you may have for the month of October ONLY a fantastic offer of Buy 20 get 20 FREE. Virtually the same as Half Price but you must buy 20!  You must mention this Newsletter Offer though to receive your FREE 20 reels.

The October Red Hot Website Special on the main page is just too good to pass up if you are a quilter.  Please take advantage of this month's wonderful Olfa offer.



In this section we have wonderful FREE Projects for you. The current one has been exciting sewers with the cross section of how to use a quilting product for general clothing.  It's so easy too so I urge you to try this method on a Cable Applique Sweatshirt.



These are all are bargain prices because they have been damaged in transit somewhere along the way. Simply visit Damaged & Discontinued, order whichever you please, then type in the Additional Comments section of your order that you wish to purchase the one from the D&D for such and such a price as the normal retail price will be showing on your order.  Don't worry about that, we'll adjust manually. 


I've recently added some more tutorials that may be of interest to you if you own these products or even if you have been considering same.  Of course, there are many others in the tutorials section on our website to help you too. You can print them and use them side by side as your work. New ones are relating to Flying Geese Instructions, making Half Square Triangles, making Hexagons and Ivy's Flower Garden - all using Westalee Design Rulers/Templates

Don't forget the Texture Magic Tutorials nor the Pinmoor Video - both mentioned earlier in this Newsletter as these are new ones added too.



This is the place where I display some of your work.  Maybe you have a photo to send me of something you've done using our products. One of the Australian Sewing Guild members excitedly showed me her masterpiece of work which she'd had on display on the Guild's stand at the show and I asked her if I may take a photo.  Trudy kindly came to our stand wearing it at the end of the show.  Isn't it superb?  Well done.  She commented that she has no idea where she could wear such a flamboyant jacket though to which I replied "right here at any show!"


Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you purchase anything from my website that is PINK, I will send $5.00 to the Australian Cancer Research Fund?

Did you know that if you put a "difficult" thread into a jar of rice it will behave better as the friction seems to cease?  Try it and let me know.  I haven't as yet, but I learnt this at a lecture in Birmingham.

Did you know that they are making quilting batting out of recycled soda bottles and also from Corn Oil?  I didn't, but that was another tidbit I learnt in Birmingham.


I like to tell you about some of my favourite products that I personally use and want to share their attributes, as one sewer to another. Here's another: Sew Clean - powers out stains naturally!

Sew Clean is an all natural fabric spot and stain remover which removes ballpoint pen ink, pencil and crayon marks, lipstick and make-up, fingerprints, blood, grass stains, oil and grease, rust stains, coffee and soft drinks, chewing gum and more!  Now, if it does only half that it would still be fantastic.

Roseanne in Tassie emailed me saying "it's the best thing on the market and I use it for lots of things!"

Till next time,


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