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Quilt Hangers

A range of high quality, yet economical, Wire Quilt Hangers to display any completed project in an appropriate deserved place of your home décor.

Unfortunately, our supplier has ceased business, therefore, only a limited range of sizes and styles is now left in stock. Maybe your local Quilt Shop could have stock.
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  • Hang It Dang It Quilt Hanger

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    Please Note: LARGE is presently out of stock until late November, hopefully, but maybe even next year. As per information by scrolling down, KING is unable to be mailed via Australia Post.
    None of us like to have unnecessary holes in our walls but what we do like is to have a quilt hanging straight.  Both are answered in the new Hang It Dang It Quilt Hangers!
    Now you may hang any size quilt perfectly straight in a flash.  With just one nail in the wall, right in the centre, Hang It Dang It allows your quilt to be hung straight - magnetically.
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  • Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hanger 5 Piece Kit
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    Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hanger 5 Piece Kit

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    Easily hang a wide variety of quilts, tapestries and other textiles with these simple devices!
    Powerful magnets securely hold your quilt to the metal plate through the rod inserted into your quilt's rod pocket.
    Use the included removable adhesive strips and your own metal rod and see what a hassle-free hanging system this is.
    No tools are required, your wall won't be damaged and levelling is just a matter of sliding the rod or magnet!  Remove, re-hang, or change your quilt display with absolutely no hassle.
    Display large quilts by using more plates (see guidelines below for suggested number of plates.)

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  • Quilt Hanger

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    Quilt Hangers will hold a small to medium quilt which may be easily removed to change if desired. Use 3 or 4 Quilt Hangers for larger, heavier quilts. Two ball bearings in each will hold your quilt firmly. Simply attach to the wall with double sided tape which doesn't mark your wall (instructions included) or screw to your wall. After placing your quilt into position, gently pull down allowing the ball bearings to fall into place. Using a skewer, fine knitting needle or long pin, insert into the holes on the top of the hanger to push the ball bearing firmly down to ensure quilt is hung well.

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  • Quilters Hangup

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    Ready-to-use pleated quilt sleeve.
    Don't go sleeveless!

    • Easy to use
    • Saves time
    • Steamlined patented design allows quilt to lay flat
    • Quilt Show regulations size of 4" tall
    • Spans 3yds in length

      How It Works
      Created by a quilt shop owner and teacher, the Quilters Hangup eliminates much of the time involved in hand-crafting solutions for your treasured quilts and art work. The patented gusset feature of the Quilters Hangup allows your quilt or artwork to hang flat...without the time and frustration involved in creating it yourself!
      It is easy to install and works beautifully every time.
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    • AUD$19.95
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