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Quiltsmart Lone Star

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and forget everything you know about making a Lone Star quilt. Now imagine a new method that has no angles to measure and no templates. And imagine that this amazing technique gives you perfect corner matching and nice flat sections. Oh yes, imagine fast and easy, too.You can stop imagining now!
On this page, we present a simple overview of the technique.  The pictures below show a 4 fabric, 4 column (4x4) diamond section.  Larger sizes are made using a 6 fabric, 6 column (6x6) diamond section.


1. Cut


      Cut star fabrics into rectangles.  Trim interfacing

2. Fuse 

Place and fuse fabric #1 to the interfacing.

 3. Place and Stitch 


Pin and stitch fabric #2 crosswise with right sides together


4. Flip and Fuse 


Flip and fuse fabric #2

5. Repeat 


Repeat for the remaining fabrics

6. Trim and Assemble


Trim diamond sections, add triangles, and assemble top


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