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Measuring Tools, Gauges, Tape Measures, Rulers & Guides

Seams Right
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This little gauge is handy for checking up to 15 commonly used measurements from 1/8 to 2 .
Our price: AUD$7.95

Seams Right (Nancy Zieman) by Clover
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The Seams Right has been "refurbished" by Nancy Zieman of Nancy's Notion fame for Clover.  A versatile multipurpose tool for sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet and embroidery - in fact, any craft! 
Our price: AUD$14.00
R.R.P.: AUD$18.00 save 22%

Sewing Gauge 7" with Sliding Marker
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The Sewing Gauge  with a sliding marker is an old favourite, but this is the updated version. Featuring a classic metal slide for measuring hems and seams and a point for turning collars, lapels, cuffs, pockets and waistbands. Inches and centimetres. 
Includes a sliding marker can be moved and will stay in place for repeated marking. Use to measure and mark hems, mark seam allowances and hems on pattern alterations and designs, mark buttonhole spacing and length, determine buttonhole length (by measuring diameter plus thickness of button); evenly space tucks and pleats; or to draw scallops and circles. 
Our price: AUD$10.00

Sewing Gauge Metric by Clover
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Marking/measuring buttonholes?  Marking seam allowances?  Clover's Sewing Gauge is a tool for you.

Seam Allowances may be marked from 1 to 5 cm in units of 5mm.  1.0cm, 1.5cm, 2.0cm, 2.5cm, 3.0cm, 3.5cm, 4.0cm, 4.5cm & 5.0cm. (All Metric)

Mark Buttonholes up to 20mm.

Two coloured to make it easier to read different sizes.

Made of metal.

Our price: AUD$18.00
R.R.P.: AUD$19.50 save 8%

Simflex Expanding Gauge
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Measures multiple equal distances for buttonholes and pleats etc.
Our price: AUD$30.00

Sliding Gauge Metric - Clover
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Clover's Sliding Gauge is Metric and is 5 different tools in one.  Certainly a streamline notion which will be a must have addition to your sewing tools and you'll find it very accurate as well as versatile. A multi-functional sliding gauge for easy marking - just mark and create.
Use for:
  • Spacing and marking buttonholes
  • Seam allowance gauge
  • Hem gauge
  • Circle Compass
  • "T" gauge
  • Can be set at 1mm increments
  • All Metric Measurements
Our price: AUD$22.00

Spring Tape Measure ( Shiro ) by Clover
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Fiber glass construction prevents stretching. Both inches and metric scaling.

Our price: AUD$11.00
R.R.P.: AUD$12.25 save 10%

Styling Design Ruler
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Ruler combines a French curve for armholes, a gridded straight edge in 1/8 increments and a slot for guiding a tracing wheel.
21 long.
Our price: AUD$36.00

Tailor's Curve - Seven Rulers in One - by B-Oleyar
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The Tailor's Curve is the ONLY accurate, complete Tailor's Curve available anywhere.
The Tailor's Curve (2 piece set) is used for all seams below the waist including hip, inseam and crotch; for 2 piece suit sleeves and lapels on coats and jackets for men's and women's patterns. It is also used for adjusting and correcting commercial patterns.
Seven rulers in one!
Our price: AUD$39.00

Tailors Fibreglass Tape Measure - 2"Metal End
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Old-fashioned favourite tape measure - Fibreglass Tape Measure with a 2" Metal End

Our price: AUD$5.00

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