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Seam Guides, Gauges and Measuring Tapes & Rulers

1/4" - 1/2" Rule by Westalee
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Clear acrylic ruler with 1/4" and 1/2" markings on length, 1/4" on one short end and 1/2" on other short end.  Use the full width for 1" markings.

May be used in conjunction with the Echo Guides Set or any other template for echo stitching or parallel stitching.

Actual Size: 1" x 10" 

Our price: AUD$12.00

Adhesive Seam Gauge
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With the Adhesive Seam Gauge, you can sew strips of fabric together very quickly and with accuracy. It is made of thick acrylic and has an adhesive backing which is covered with a strip of paper that you may reattach for storage.  Additional replacement adhesive strips are available.

Our price: AUD$14.00

Big Yellow 60" Tape Measure by Collins
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Collins 60in lifetime fibreglass Big Yellow Tape Measure has Inch and centimetre scales.
  • Will not tear, stretch, shrink or fade.
  • Extra-large easy-to-read numbers.
  • Metal tips at each end. 
60in lifetime fiberglass. Inch and centimeter scales. Will not tear, stretch, shrink or fade. Extra-large easy-to-read numbers. Metal tips at each end. 
Our price: AUD$7.00

Clearly Perfect Angles by Kari Carr
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Clearly Perfect Angles is a vinyl template that easily "clings" to acrylic sewing tables allowing you to sew perfect 45° angled seams.  You need to be able to sew these for Triangle Squares, Flying Geese, Snow Balls, Mitred Corners, Bindings etc.
All without paper, pencils or pins!  You'll save time and be accurate and not have any calculations to perform.
Better still, it is colour coded for both 1/4" seams for patchwork and 5/8" seams for dressmaking.
Dimensions: 8½" x 11"
Clearly Perfect Angles is one item every quilter and sewer needs to have!
Our price: AUD$20.00
R.R.P.: AUD$22.00 save 9%

EZ Quilter's 12" Seamer
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Often you need to add a 1/4" seam allowance to a template or pattern either for machine or hand piecing - the EZ Quilter's Seamer does that, adding a perfect 1/4" seam.

Also adds a 1/4" stitching line.

12" length

Bright orange for easy viewing on all coloured fabrics.

Our price: AUD$4.00

EZ Quilting Seam Guide
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Use the EZ Quilting Seam Guide when needing a 1/4" extra seam allowance on any shape or template.

Simply insert a pen or pencil into the centre hole and trace around the shape.


Our price: AUD$10.00

fast2sew™ Ultimate Seam Guide
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The perfect tool for perfect seams - EVERY time!

• Makes machine sewing easier
• Measures seam allowances from 1/8" to 5-1/4"
• Extra-long guide lines make block piecing easier
• Includes self-adhesive guide bars for faster stitching
• Special piecing tips included inside package

This sturdy seam guide adheres to your sewing machine to help you sew your seams and hems faster, straighter, and more evenly. It's also useful for a variety of piecing techniques, such as sewing a square from corner to corner without needing to mark a line on the fabric. It's made from flexible plastic that is easy to cut, customize, and reposition as needed to fit your machine. You won't know how you ever lived without it!

Our price: AUD$25.00

Flexible Curve Rule by Birch
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For use in quilting, craft and dressmaking. Ideal for beading to space pearls and beads accurately. 
Quilting: Ideal for making quilted pictures with cuved lines.
Dressmaking: Ideal for duplicating rounded shapes on patterns or for creating design lines eg armholes, necklines or hip curves. Patterns may be easily changed by adding design lines or changing a straight line to a curved one. The width of the rule corresponds to the seam allowance.
Decoration: Appliques with graceful curved lines may be marked for sequins, beading, pearls or ribbon trims.
18" (46cm) length
Our price: AUD$14.50

Flip-It Tape Measure
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A tape measure with a difference - is 144" long but measures 288". How?  Simply flip it over and the measurements continue on the other side.

  • Front side measures 144in
  • Flip and continue to 288in onback
  • Yardage markings on tape 1/16yd, 1/8yd, 1/4yd, 1/3yd3/8yd, 1/2yd, 5/8yd, 2/3yd, 3/4yd, 7/8yd up to 8yds.
  • Non-stretch, reinforced fiberglass.
  • Extra-wide with large clear markings.
Our price: AUD$8.00

Glow-Line Tape ™ by Omnigrid ®
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Easy to use transparent fluorescent tape for highlighting lines and shapes on rulers. Glow-Line ™ makes it easy to find measurements and shapes, especially when rotary cutting repetitive pieces.
You can use Glow-Line ™ either underneath or on top of Invisi-Grip ™ too.
Low Tack - will not leave residue on your ruler.
Pack of three colours - pink, orange & yellow. ¼ inch x 21 yds

Our price: AUD$10.00

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