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Tools for Sewing, Craft, Stencilling, Pleating & Repairs

Angled Quilting Inspection Mirror - Famore
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The Angled Dental Mirror is a unique & powerful quilting tool as well, aptly called an Inspection Mirror.
Get your sight into those hard to reach and even harder to see areas. 
Quilters would especially agree that a flashlight and an Angled Quilting Mirror is a very handy crafting tool.
  • See behind the needle when timing
  • Look under the machine to see the correct needle hole with ease
  • Guide your needle without guesswork
  • Stainless Steel and easy to keep clean
Our price: AUD$16.00

Big Jig - Junk Jeans People
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Do you experience broken needles and wonky seams when sewing over thick seams?
If you liked the Jean-A-Ma-Jig for sewing over jeans seams, then you will love the new & improved design featuring a longer sewing groove and easy grasp! 
The Big Jig is bigger and better, working with any sewing machine!  
Two in the packet:
Use the thinner Big Jig for delicate fabric and is perfect to use as a button spacer.
Use the thicker Big Jig for anything heavy that poses a problem.
Our price: AUD$30.00

Chenille Brush
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Easily separate fabric fibers without damaging your fabric with this chenille brush
Our price: AUD$10.00

E6000 Glue/Quick-Cut Threadcutter Accessory Pack
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Accessory Pack to make your own Thread Cutter.

Includes: Acrylic Mounting Block, .18oz E6000 industrial strength glue, 2 x carbon steel blades, 7/64" Wrench and 4 Non-skid rubber pads.

Our price: AUD$25.00

EZ Point & Turner
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EZ Point and Turner Tool by Sue O’Very Designs is a unique notion designed to easily turn projects right side out with processional results. This classic tool was re-imagined from a tool designed in the 1970’s by Sue and the skillful team at Famore Cutlery. Quickly turn points & smooth out curves with no poke through.
Our price: AUD$35.00

Fabric Weights
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2 per pkt. Excellent little weights for holding down your paper pattern for either dressmaking or quilting because they feature tiny pins on the underneath to hold the paper in place.

Our price: AUD$8.00

Heavy Duty Leather Hole Punch
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Create perfectly punched holes without fraying edges.
Adjustable dial allows you to change the diameter of your hole with ease.
Switch between 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5mm holes
Heavy duty metal body.
Rubber handle for easy gripping and comfort.

Our price: AUD$19.50

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Jeans seemingly are made for tall people, so we invariably have to alter the length. Those lap-felled seams at the sides always prevent a problem in sewing over them - skipped stitches or the needle breaks!
Jean-a-ma-jig™ to the rescue.  This clever little device fits all machines and makes sewing over uneven seams a breeze. 
  • Jump the bump
  • Hemming jeans made easy
  • Top-stitch collars with ease
  • Perfect for sewing many craft projects
  • Fits all machines
  • Prevents skipped stitches
  • No more broken needles
  • May be used at the rear or in the front of the presser foot
  • Full instructions included

Click on the product image for a photo of the Jean-a-ma-jig™  being used in front of the presser foot


Our price: AUD$7.50

Key Fob Pliers - Lazy Girl Designs
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The perfect pliers to easily and beautifully attach key fob hardware to your project. Plier tips are coated to protect hardware from scratching.

Use with Lazy Girl Key Fob Hardware 

Our price: AUD$45.00

Lil' Hookey Serger Seam Hook
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Lil'Hookey is the answer to trapping thread tails of serger/overlocker seams so they can't hang loose or unravel.
Have you ever said, “There must be an easier way to do this”.  It is easy to sew over the tails at the beginning of a serged seam, but the end of the seam is a different story.  With Lil' Hookey you cut the thread tails of the finished seam at 2 1/2”, slip the blade under the sewn seam threads, grab the tails in the hook and pull them back into the seam with the blade slightly rotated toward the fabric and then clip the tails that hang beyond the exit point.  
Our price: AUD$19.50

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