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Circle Dance Quilt Project

Circle Dance Quilt Project

EZ Quilting Circle Dance Quilt

Circle Dance
by Sharon Hultgren

- Easy Circle Cut

5 different print fabrics are used in each block in the quilt pictured.

For each block, cut:
Background Square 12-1/2" x 12-1/2"
10" circle
8" circle
6" circle
4" circle

Pattern BlockSewing:
Use the Easy Circle Cut™ to cut circles (see Easy Circle Cut tutorial). Circles will be sewn onto face of background blocks.

Illus. AFold 12-1/2" background square in quarters and crease the folds (A). These will be the lines used in centering the middle circles.

Fold the 8" circle into quarters and place on the background square. Center this circle and sew it onto the square as follows. Turn the edge under and stitch by hand or machine or leave raw edge and use a decorative stitch, such as a buttonhole stitch.

Illus. BTo make the large (5") yo-yo for the center of each block, hand sew a running stitch 1/4" from the edge of each 10" circle. Stitches should be at least 1/4" apart. (TIP: use a double thread for added strength). Pull the thread and draw the edges to the center of the circle. The gathered edge is the top side of the yo-yo (B). Center the yo-yo on the block, and sew it down securely.

Illus. CMake the small (2") center yo-yos from the 4" circles by repeating running stitch as with the 10" circles. Sew a 2" yo-yo onto the center of each large 5" yo-yo (C).

Next, cut each 6" circle into quarters and sew each corner of all blocks (D).

Illus. DTo complete the blocks, sew a button, tassel, appliqué, pompom or other embellishment onto the center of the small yo-yo.

Please Note:
DO NOT use anything that may become detached on a baby quilt.

Once you have mastered the Circle Cut Dance block, you can put together different numbers of blocks to make a bed quilt, a wall hanging, pillow tops, and more.

Happy Circle Dancing!