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FLORAL CUSHION using Easy Triangles™

FLORAL CUSHION using Easy Triangles™

Finished Size 41cm Square (16½") plus frill.


  • 1 sheet of 8cm finished size Easy Triangles™
  • 50cm feature fabric
  • 1 metre background fabric
  • 50cm (18") square of batting and backing fabric
  • Cotton thread for stitching
  • No. 90 machine needle
  • 2.5 metres of cotton lace
  • 3 buttons to match cushion back
  • Sewing machine and general sewing kit
  • Quilter's safety pins
  • Walking foot for machine quilting (optional)
  • Rotary cutting equipment

It is recommended that all fabrics are 100% cotton, pre-washed to allow for shrinkage and to check for colourfastness.
Seam allowances are 0.75 cm or the width of the regular foot on most machines. Check your foot width with the paper pattern, as it is important to be consistent with all seam allowances.

Half-Square Triangle Units
Using a sheet of 8cm Easy Triangles™, cut a rectangle from each of your fabrics to fit the pattern sheet.
Lay the fabrics right side together and press.
Place the paper pattern sheet on top and pin in several places so that it won't shift when stitching.
Using a No. 90 needle in your machine and a short stitch length of about 1.5, stitch along the dotted lines, stitching up one line, turning your work and stitching back along the next line.
Cut exactly on the unbroken lines using your rotary cutter, acrylic ruler and self-healing mat. Turning the mat will help to stop the pieces from shifting.
Press the half-square triangle units open with the seams under the darker fabric.
Carefully tear the paper away and you should have 16 beautifully square half-square triangle units that are all the same size!
Join them together as shown to make the block shown below, or any other arrangement of your choice.

Cushion Construction
Cut strips 5 cm (2") wide across the width of your feature fabric for a border.
Remove selvedges.
Stitch to opposite sides of your block, measuring the length through the centre of your block.

Layer the backing, batting and cushion top then pin them together. Quilting in the ditch with your walking foot will effectively outline the block design.

Cushion Frill
Cut strips 16cm (6½") wide across the width of your background fabric.
Join the strips together to make one long strip. You will need 2.4 metres (95").
Join the ends to form a circle.
Fold the strip in half lengthwise and press.
Pin the lace in place along the circle and invisibly hand stitch the join.
Pin mark the frill into quarters and gather between each of these marks.
Pull up the gathers to fit and pin evenly around your cushion top, with raw edges together and easing around the corners.
Baste in place.

Cushion Back
Cut two pieces of background fabric 43cm x 28cm (17" x 11"). This will allow for a
5cm (2") overlap.
Turn under 0.5cm (1/4") on one long edge of each piece, then 4cm (1½") to form a hem.
Stitch along the hem.
Make evenly spaced buttonholes to fit your buttons, within this hem, on one half only.
Pin the two back pieces together along the overlap.
Pin this back section to the front of the cushion with right sides together and stitch slowly around the edges. Be careful that the frill does not get caught up in the seam!
Trim your seams and overcast to neaten.
Turn the cushion right side out and stitch the buttons in place to match the buttonholes.

Enjoy your creative achievement!

Copyright © Rosalind Veness. September 2001
Used here with permission.