Jennie Rayment is a self-confessed slightly wacky Brit who is totally obsessed with "Nipping and Tucking" - fabric manipulation and surface texture. She is known as the "Calico Queen" in Britain or the "Muslin Mistress" in the USA as the majority of her work is made from unbleached cotton material (calico in Britain and Australia whilst called muslin in USA). Jennie is now an Internationally acclaimed quilter who travels the world teaching, amusing and entertaining like no other. Ask anyone who has seen Jennie on stage!

Judy's Note: I have always been enthralled with Jennie's ideas on fabric manipulation and have sold her books for several years. My particular interest is that the Pleat Maker that Punch with Judy manufactures, may be used for so many of the projects in Jennie's books. It pleats and tucks so much faster and more evenly than nimble fingers and demonstrates the versatility of this wonderful, fun sewing accessory.