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Pattern Weights - Judi's Studio Australia
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Weights…no more tedious pinning!  

Judi's Studio professional pattern weights make it easier to reposition your pattern if necessary, no more pinning and unpinning!
Our price: AUD$32.50

Pocket Shapers - Judi's Studio Australia
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Ever have difficulty having both side shapes of a pocket to be identical?  Now you may have "twin-shaped" corners every time with Judi's Professional Pocket Shapers!
Our price: AUD$11.00

Point Presser/Clapper - Judi's Studio Australia
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A must-have for any dressmaker!  A Point & Clap for a professional finish!
The clever Point Presser is used to press seams open in difficult to reach places such as inside pointed and curved collars, lapels, facings and men's ties. Allows you to press all the way to the collar points or around curved collars. 
Our price: AUD$50.00

Point Presser/Clapper's Padded Cover - Judi's Studio Australia
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The Professional Point Presser/Clapper Padded Cover is for use with Judi's Studio Point Presser/Clapper to prevent any discolouration when pressing white fabrics.
Our price: AUD$12.00

Sleeve Board - Judi's Studio Australia
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A must for tailoring - a heavy duty, padded, freearm sleeve board, designed to give your sewing a professional finish.

The sleeveboard is double sided with a slender, tapered side for narrow items and a blunt side ideal for larger pieces and 'quick touch' ironing jobs. The sleeveboard is timber heavy duty construction with smooth- fit padded covers

A must for tailoring sewing and general home pressing!

The sleeveboard is designed for pressing items with small end openings such as sleeves pants ties and children's wear. Not only used for the sewing room but in addition to your regular ironing board in the laundry. Ideal for toy making and craft.

Our price: AUD$53.00

Tailor Clapper - Judi's Studio Australia
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Clap for a professional finish!
The Tailor's Clapper is used to flatten bulky facings, collars, edges, buttonholes pleats and hems. Pressing with the clapper after steam ironing forces moisture out and creates a sharp edge. Use clapper to beat or 'clap' the steam into the fabric, leaving a superb edge or flattened seam.
Our price: AUD$40.00

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