June Tailor Patchwork Rulers

Charming Circles Ruler by June Tailor
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June Tailor has introduced a wonderful tool to create fun and easy "shabby chic" projects using fabric scraps or recycled denim.

  • Durable, heavyweight plastic ruler to guide your rotary cutter in cutting circles by using the slots
  • Or, mark it with fabric marker and then cut with scissors
  • Interior square slots are to mark stitching lines or to fussy cut 5" fabric squares
  • Perfectly sized to work with pre-cut 5" Charm Squares
  • For quick construction, consider using a Quilt Basting Spray
  • Easy-to-follow instructions are included


Our price: AUD$29.00

June Tailor Around the Block
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June Tailor's Around the Block marking tool is an 8" square template with quarter circle slits.  Simply place a marker in the slits and create circle and curved quilting designs easily and accurately.
  • Create endless quilting designs by repositioning template
  • Pivot template using pin-hole to rotate
  • Line up ruler on quilt block or border and use your favourite marking tool
Our price: AUD$30.00

June Tailor Binding Buddy Ruler 2 1/2"
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June Tailor's Binding Buddy cuts perfect binding strips without the tedious measuring.

Our price: AUD$37.00

June Tailor Charming Shape Cut Ruler
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The Charming Shape Cut Ruler is the latest addition to the June Tailor Shape Cut range - slotted rulers for use with a rotary cutter.

5" x 5" slotted ruler, hence the name "Charming".  A very handy little tool for miniatures, travelling, classes etc. Keep handy next to your sewing machine while you sew.

  • Use with a rotary cutter and mat
  • Begin by cutting strips to desired width and then turn ruler to subcut into squares, triangles, diamonds, or hexagons 
  • Ideal for cutting and squaring precut 2½" fabric strips and 5" fabric charms
  • Square up blocks 5" or smaller
  • Includes instructions and ideas
Our price: AUD$30.00

June Tailor Creative Cut™ Ruler
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June Tailor's Creative Cut™ Ruler serves all your quilting, scrapbooking and crafting needs.  You may cut bias strips, strips, squares, triangles, diamonds and fringe; crop and trim borders too.
It is a slotted ruler with ½" increments over 6½" x 12½" allowing perfection with a rotary cutter.
One side has a 16" ruler and the other has a handy [ ", ¼", ½" & 1" guide.
Complete instructions included.
Our price: AUD$69.00

June Tailor Diamond Cut Ruler
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Diamonds are always "A Girl's Best Friend" - June Tailor's Diamond Cut may well be "A Quilter's Best Friend"!
A slotted Diamond Shaped template to be used with a Rotary Cutter.
½" increments up to 6", 5" depth with handy ¼" and ¾" markings.
  • Perfect 60° Diamonds every time
  • Cut 1" to 6" Diamonds in ¼" increments without measuring
  • Use with your rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat
Our price: AUD$40.00

June Tailor Exact Eighths Ruler
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The June Tailor Exact Eighths is a slotted ruler for cutting in popular 1/8" increments.


Our price: AUD$99.00

June Tailor Fancy Fleece™ Ruler
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The ultimate ruler for your fleece projects but can be used for other fabrics too.

  • Seven different patterns to embellish your fleece projects and create decorative edges and cut-outs.
  • Easy to use, simply place the ruler on your fleece fabric and cut in the slots. Choose from a wavy fringe, a wavy or scalloped edge, triangle or diamond cut-outs.
  • Absolutely no measuring or tracing.
  • Detailed instructions are included.
Our price: AUD$65.00

June Tailor Fancy Frame™ Ruler
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An acrylic ruler with 6” to 9” slotted scallops markings.

  • Create unique and decorative quilt borders quickly and accurately
  • Easy-to-follow instructions are included and you may even use your rotary cutter
  • Use individual shapes or combine sizes and shapes to customize your quilt
  • Is a wonderful for window treatments, pillow ruffles, blanket edges and so much more
Our price: AUD$55.00

June Tailor Fringe Cut Ruler
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Fringes are very popular, particularly on polarfleece; now you can cut perfect fringes everytime with June Tailor's Fringe Cut Ruler.


Our price: AUD$69.00

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