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Bendable Bright Light - New Version
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NEW VERSION:   NOW with a brighter light, a longer and firmer arm and a newly designed lighthead.

Does your sewing machine not give enough light exactly where you're sewing - right at the needle?  The Bendable Bright Light is your answer.

This wonderful little light snaps into a non-magnetic adhesive mount on the side of your sewing machine which doesn't harm the electronics of your machine.  Even an extra mount is available if you wish to also use the Bendable Bright Light on your Overlocker.
The quality metal flexible arm and metal light housing containing a single LED, providing pure white light, make this an ideal companion for your sewing machine or overlocker.
  • No Batteries needed
  • Energy efficient LED
  • 8ft low voltage power cord
  • Power Pack included
  • Mounting Bracket included (additional available for a second machine)
  • Wire Clip with adhesive to hold the power cord
  • 240volts for Aust & NZ
  • Up to 100,000 light hours
  • 90 Day Warranty
Our price: AUD$79.00
R.R.P.: AUD$95.00 save 17%

Bendable Bright Light Bracket Kit
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A non-magnetic mounting bracket kit has a double-sided adhesive mount  to attach the Bendable Bright Light to your sewing machine or overlocker.
One mounting bracket comes with the Bendable Bright Light, this simply allows you to use the light with a second sewing machine or overlocker.
Our price: AUD$12.00

Ecolux2 LED Adjustable Desk Lamp
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An extremely handy, economical, bright desk lamp for multi-space usage. The LED Ecolux2 Adjustable Desk Lamp which is lightweight, portable and with a strong beam giving more light output and wider coverage since it may be angled to suit.

Our price: AUD$55.00
R.R.P.: AUD$75.00 save 27%
Quantity Out of stock

Ecolux5 LED Desk Organiser Lamp
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The Flexible Gooseneck Organiser Desk Lamp has been designed with 18 long-lasting LEDs and functional organiser plastic drawers base for storage of sewing or office accessories.

Gooseneck allows you to easily adjust the lighting angle to the desired position for maximum lighting efficiency and convenience.

Our price: AUD$40.00
R.R.P.: AUD$55.00 save 27%
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LED Finger Light
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Hook & Hoop LED Finger Light is very useful for sewing or seeing in small dark areas. It adds extra light and control without using an extra hand to hold the light while threading a hand needle or your sewing machine needle..
  • Features super bright 13,000 MCD white LED bulbs.
  • Super bright LED lights: White, Red, Green and Blue
  • Adjustable Hook & Hoop Straps (Elastic Velcro straps) which make it easy to attach to your fingers: Strap fits around fingers, pens, pencils, tools, etc.
  • Batteries are included (replaceable batteries: 3x AG3 cells per light)
Our price: AUD$6.00

LED Lighted Tweezer & Magnifier - Mighty Bright
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Lighted tweezers are perfect for handling very small items in low light.

Why hold tweezers in one hand and a magnifier in the other hand? Awkward? Mighty Bright have combined those products into one PLUS added the benefit of a strong LED Light. For the home or your crafts, this "mighty" tool will appeal to everyone.

It's real appeal is the magnifier with a 1.25" lens that quadruples your viewing size.

Our price: AUD$20.00

LED Stella Edge Lamp
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The Stella Edge Lamp can fasten to any surface with its secure clamp (.5" - 2.5" thick table edge) Swing it around to give light precisely where you need some extra light.

"Stella" provides three separate light settings to meet all your needs - The "Warm" setting is perfect for reading, accent lighting and general purpose use. The "Natural" daylight setting provides the purest form of white light for art, sewing and anywhere you need to see pure colours.  The "Cool:  setting has just a hint of blue that is easy on your eyes and is great for late night projects.

Stella Lamps have a flexible neck and us LEDs that produce very little heat and have a 50,000+ hour life.

Our price: AUD$149.00

Light Stick from Sew Steady
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Light up your Sewing work space with an LED light stick from Sew Steady.  It operates with a USB plug into a USB outlet, your mobile phone or even use your sewing machine to operate it. This can easily turn your Wish table into a Light table and may be conveniently stored in your Sew Steady Wish Drawer. Approximately 9" long and 1/2" wide.
Our price: AUD$59.00

Magnistitch Sewing & Craft Magnifier
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Magnistitch Sewing & Craft Magnifier makes sewing projects or any fine craft activity so much easier. The double-ball joint arm lets you adjust the lens angle to suit your needs and snaps out of the ball attachment to be used as a hand-held magnifier.

Our price: AUD$30.00

Sewing Machine Magnifier
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With a crystal clear magnification from edge to edge, the Sewing Machine Magnifier will allow improved viewing, right upon the needle, as you sew.  Battery operated and will fit most sewing machines.

Our price: AUD$30.00

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