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Marti Michell Template Sets

Marti Michell's 20" Mariner's Compass Template Set
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Marti Michell's 20" Mariner's Compass Template Set has 6 pieces for making 20" finished size circles for both 16 Points and 32 Points Compass.
6 pieces with engineered corners for perfect sewing alignment and an 8.5 x 11 step-by-step instruction booklet for as many variations as Marti shows.
The basic 16 Point Compass is made with just 4 templates.
Our price: AUD$69.00

Marti Michell's Corner Trimming Template
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From Marti Michell  - the Corner Trimmer Template can be used to trim the corners of any right angle triangle piece, regardless of the size of the triangle. Trimmed corners promote accurate piecing, eliminate "dog ears" before sewing and reduce bulk at corners for easier quilting by hand or machine!
Engineered corners are just one of the quality trademarks you will find on From Marti Michell products. Includes 8-page tips booklet with colour cover.
Our price: AUD$13.00

Marti Michell's Deluxe Corner Trimmer & Hand Piecing Aid
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Use the Deluxe Corner Trimmer to cut away the "dog ears' on four different acute angle corners and square corners and you can confirm the size of all the angles, including the outside angle on 60° and 45° diamonds.  Both hand piecers and machine piecers use the Deluxe Corner Trimmer to mark the dot where adjacent seam lines meet at a corner.

Includes 60° and 45° corners.


Our price: AUD$24.00
R.R.P.: AUD$28.00 save 14%

Marti Michell's Double Wedding Ring Template Set
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From Marti Michell - 7 Piece Template Set for single and pieced arcs, based on a 12 inch square, suitable for Rotary Cutting plus a 28 page Instruction Booklet.

  • Based on a 12 inch square, so it's easy to know how many blocks to make
  • Finished circular design is approx. 17 inch across.
  • 7 template pieces with holes for marking for matching seams and some dot-to-dot piecing.
  • Choose pieced or single arc style.
  • Yardage for quilts in multiple sizes
  • Includes instructions for using the templates, cutting fabrics and a method for sewing curved seams that can be applied to other patterns with curved seams, like Winding Ways.
  • Also includes Pickle Dish paper piecing pattern to photocopy or scan.
  • Grainline arrows silk-screened templates.
  • Includes the large melon shape needed for patterns like Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Improved Nine Patch and Lafayette Orange Peel.
Our price: AUD$62.00

Marti Michell's Dresden Plate (7 , 10.5, and 12 inches) + Grandmother's Fan
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4 pieces for cutting 6 shapes - 7, 10 1/2 and 12 inch Dresden Plates from Marti Michell.
Makes 9, 12 and 15inch blocks with Pointed or Rounded Petals.
14 block variations. Who knew Dresden Plate was so versatile?
Our price: AUD$35.50

Marti Michell's Drunkard's Path (Large) Template Set - 2 Piece
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Due to the popularity of the 3 inch / 4 inch Template Set, Marti Michell has introduced a larger version of Drunkard's Path in answer to a myriad of requests.
They work the same way as the originals, they simply create bigger shapes. 6 inch, 6.5 inch & 7 inch units.
This instruction set includes 6 block variations and two quilt patterns. However, the 21 block variations given with the original set, can also be made with these templates too.

Our price: AUD$34.00

Marti Michell's Drunkards Path Template Set - 4 Pce
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From Marti Michel - Rotary cut the curves with these Drunkard's Path templates that don't look like Drunkard's Path! The four templates in this set are labeled A through D. They are used in pairs to make Drunkard's Path units in 3 sizes (3, 3 1/2 and 4 inches), plus larger sizes, if desired. Cut the pie shape from strips and the L shape from squares. You can rotary cut the squares, but if you own Sets A, B or C, you already have square templates that fit.

Our price: AUD$32.00

Marti Michell's Giant Dahlia Template Set - 9 Pce
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The Giant Dahlia is a classic design and today’s fabrics give it a brand new look. Marti Michell's acrylic templates are designed for rotary cutting and will give you a new outlook! This template set consists of nine pieces with seam allowances included.
Complete instructions for making a queen/double quilt and the classic pieced border shown in the instructions is pieced perfectly using Perfect Patchwork Template Set B.

Finished Size: 54 inches
Our price: AUD$80.00

Marti Michell's Long Skinny Sashing Stars Set
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Similar to the original Sashing Stars Set, this version becomes the perfect companion to it.  Use this tool set to add sparkle to any quilt pattern that has sashing strips.

Multiple Size: 2", 3" and 4" finished strip widths, makes 4 styles of sashings.

Use the new Long Skinny Sashing Stars Set to make the same stars as the Sashing Stars Set but with longer points, plus 2 styles of block frames. 



Our price: AUD$26.00

Marti Michell's Mini Dresden Plate + Mini Grandmother's Fan and Mini Drunkards Path
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4 pieces for making 3" and 5 1/2" Dresden Plates from Marti Michell.
4" and 6" blocks with 16 block variations
Our price: AUD$30.00

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