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Miscellaneous Scissors

Ambidex Scissors by Taylor Seville
(0 reviews)  
Amazingly comfortable scissors to suit either left or right hand and because of the handle shape, these will fit small or large hands/fingers.
11cm (4 ½”)
Our price: AUD$20.00

Apliquick Scissors
(1 reviews)  

Specialty scissors for appliqué giving a superior sharp cut due to the micro serrated edge.

Our price: AUD$43.95

Apliquick Scissors Large
(0 reviews)  
Everyone loves the Apliquick Scissors for Applique - now you have a larger size scissors from Apliquick. They have a wonderful micro-serrated cutting edge making them very accurate and easy to use.
These well balanced scissors are ideal for older hands and for those who wish to cut straight every time. Take a look at the handle - all five fingers are used to prevent strained joints. 
The micro-serrated edges on the blades prevent fraying in cut fabrics and they hold the fabric steady as you cut.
16.5cm in length
Our price: AUD$59.95

Batt Snips
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Batt Snips by Paula Reid - "Initially, I wanted a pair of small blunt nosed scissors for trimming away the excess batting when I did trapunto work, but once I got a pair in my hand, I started using them for just about everything.

I now have three pair -- one in my travel kit, one right next to the sewing machine and one in the room where I do "quality control". QC around here is clipping threads, ripping out boo-boo's and other small cleanup chores when I have finished machine quilting.
Our price: AUD$29.00

Button Hole Scissors
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Button Hole Scissors are so handy to cut a buttonhole safely without damaging bar tacks and stitching.

130mm length

Our price: AUD$30.00

Canary Micro Scissors
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Tiny enough to fit in your purse and excellent for class or travel - Canary Micro Scissors are only 4.5mm in length (1 3/4")

With handy blade cover, safe in your purse. Colours vary, so pot luck, whatever is available.

Our price: AUD$9.50

Curved Blade Squeezers
(0 reviews)  

Reverse-action squeezable scissors with a very fine curved blade.

  • Lightweight
  • Curved blade makes it ideal for applique
  • Ambidextrous - working well with left or right-hand
  • Sharp, stainless steel blades are long-lasting
Our price: AUD$15.00

Curved Snippet Scissors by Martelli
(0 reviews)  

Martelli Curved Snippet Scissors are brilliant, snips right to the tip and so lightweight to use, you will LOVE them.

  • Grips provide steady control
  • Curved blades get you into hard-to-reach places
  • Spring action opens these scissors after you snip
  • 4.75” overall length
  • Great for embroidery, quilting and any projects that require precision snipping
Our price: AUD$25.00

Folding Scissors
(0 reviews)  
Stainless steel, fine Quality. They actually cut right to the tip!
Our price: AUD$9.95

Heavy Duty Leather Hole Punch
(0 reviews)  

Create perfectly punched holes without fraying edges.
Adjustable dial allows you to change the diameter of your hole with ease.
Switch between 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 4.5mm holes
Heavy duty metal body.
Rubber handle for easy gripping and comfort.

Our price: AUD$19.50

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