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Patchwork Markers for Quilters

Apliquick Pencils
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The Apliquick Pencil is a soft lead pencil that has been specially designed so that it can be used on either side of Applique fusible paper without damaging the paper and avoiding the mirror effect.
They have an extremely fine point and there's an eraser at the end of the pencil.
Two pencils per pack.
Our price: AUD$11.00

Iron-Off Chalk Powder Refill
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Iron-off Chalk Powder completely disappears with a swipe of a hot iron. Used in the Quilter's Chalk Line, you can mark grid lines for applique placement, quilting designs or for squaring up quilt edges. Made a marking mistake? Touch it with a hot iron and it is gone. Available in WHITE only.

Iron-off chalk powder in a 4 fluid ounce dispenser bottle for the Quilter’s Chalk Line.

  • Iron-off with a hot iron:
  • Handy dispenser bottle makes filling the chalk line easy:
  • White:
  • A must have for quilters!:
Our price: AUD$19.95

Quilt Pounce by Hancy's
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Hancy's Quilt Pounce is the ultimate marking tool for stencils!

  • Easy to use
  • Super time saver
  • Extremely accurate
  • Use for machine or hand quilting
  • Safe for fabrics as the chalk powder is non-toxic

Transferring any size or variety of stencil is so easy and fun! It is instant and absolutely accurate; you're going to love it! It is so easy to use and the results are beautiful. Simply fill the Quilt Pounce pad's large inner reservoir with the chalk powder (included) and gently wipe it across the surface of the stencil. That is it! Why trace all those lines with a pencil and risk stretching your fabric when you can be done with one swipe?

It comes with a bag of high quality non-staining* blue or white chalk, bright and clear on even the darkest of fabrics. The chalk easily refills the Pad 3-4 times, enough to mark a few large quilts. Inexpensive refills of both blue and white chalk powders are also available so your fun will never end! The Quilt Pounce includes chalk and complete instructions, hints and tips.
Step 1: Swipe pad over positioned stencil
Step 2: Lift off Stencil
Step 3: Sew!
Available in White, Blue, Barely Blue & Pink

Our price: AUD$25.00
R.R.P.: AUD$32.00 save 22%

Quilt Pounce by Hancy's - Refill
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Refill for Hancy's Quilt Pounce Pad  - available in white, blue, barely blue and pink.

The bag is filled with the same quantity that comes with the Pounce Pad and is enough to fill your Pounce Pad  six or seven times.
This chalk does NOT iron off. It is a wash off/ brush off chalk, depending on your fabric. Although it is not supposed to stain fabric it is still a good idea to test before using to be sure. You can wash it off in warm or cold water.
If it is bouncing off which can happen on some long arm machines, or in other situations, try spraying ordinary aerosol hair spray over the just pounced pattern. You should see improvement. It does not make it permanent but it does add to the level of adhesion on stubborn fabrics or when high vibrating machines are being used.
Our price: AUD$12.00
R.R.P.: AUD$16.00 save 25%

Quilter's Chalk Line
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Sorry, all sold out in our 1st April Special Offer - New Stock arriving late May.

The newest MUST HAVE tool for every quilter! Mark straight lines with chalk for quilting, appliqué placement and squaring up quilt edges.

The Quilter’s Chalk Line should be found in every quilter’s tool box! This invaluable tool will help you mark straight chalk lines for quilting, appliqué placement, squaring up quilt edges and more. You will find many more uses for the Quilter’s Chalk Line. This tool can be filled with iron away chalk (included) or brush away chalk. Why not buy two and have one for each type?

  • Colour: blue:
  • White iron off chalk in a handy dispensor bottle included:
  • Sized to fit a quilter's hands:
  • Rubber stopper on fill hole keeps chalk inside the tool!:
  • T-Pin included for immediate use:
  • Awareness Charm included:
  • Complete instructions included:
  • 30 ft of thick line carries more chalk. Snap 10 to 15 times before rewinding:
Our price: AUD$39.95
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Quilter's Clean Erase Soluble Marking Pencil
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Yellow, silver or white
Our price: AUD$2.50

RoxanneTM Quilter's Choice Marking Pencils
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2 silver & 2 white world renowned quilters chalk pencils.
Very popular as they glide smoothly and evenly across the fabric without crumbling, leaving fine visible lines to guide your quilting stitches.

Our price: AUD$9.95

Ultimate Marking Pencil for Quilters
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Super thin 0.5 mm lead pencil for fabric
Always sharp and washes out easily. Minimal graphite prevents smearing. Fits stencil openings and marks consistent line widths. Package contains marking pencil and 12 refill leads.
Our price: AUD$11.95
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Ultimate Marking Pencil Refills
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A package of twelve .5mm refill leads for your Ultimate Marking Pencil.
Our price: AUD$6.50

Ultimate Quilt Pounce by Hancy's - White Powder
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Pounce it on, iron it off!
It is the same as the Hancy's Quilt Pounce Pads with one exception; it contains the new Ultimate Pounce Powder that irons off! Whether to be hand quilted or machine quilted, with stencils or the new Full Line Stencils, this powder teamed up with the Quilt Pounce is a perfect partnership and the ultimate marking system.
It has a greatly improved staying power so you won't experience any "bouncing" when sewing over the lines you transfer. The Ultimate Pounce Pad comes with enough Ultimate Powder to fill the pad several times, (3-4) it should typically mark a couple large quilts if not more.

Our price: AUD$25.00
R.R.P.: AUD$32.00 save 22%

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