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We live in the Lockhart Shire of NSW and today's Australia Day Ambassador for this area is well known Aussie Cricketer, Geoff "Henry" Lawson.  Geoff presented today's local Australian Day Awards at a ceremony in Lockhart this morning.

Lockhart is a little west of The Rock and they are famous for their "Spirit of the Land Festival" held on the second weekend October each year.  I thought today maybe appropriate to tell you a little about it.

The Spirit of the Land Festival commenced in 2007 in response to the worst drought in the Shire's 110 year history and concerns over rural suicide and economic hardship.  It was to encourage farmers determined to survive living and working on the land, to use country ingenuity and create sculptures using old farm machinery, recycled scrap metal and elements of the land.

The Farm Art attracted national and international media and major corporate sponsors enabling a $10,000 first prize.  In three years it has become a finalist in the NSW Inland Tourism Award and is fast becoming the "Farm Art" capital of Australia.

The National Farm Art Sculpture Award for 2010 was awarded to Mr. Keith Simpson for his entry called "The Good Old Days".

Isn't it incredible?  This is ALL sculpted from farm trash.



The Festival hosts art exhibitions, celebrity entertainers, line dancing, an historical ball, prefessional rodeo, huge markets, dunny and shed tours and so much more.  Maybe you should keep it in mind for October 2011.

Come join good Aussie Spirit at Lockhart's The Spirit of the Land. 

We had a lovely day last Sunday at Sharelle's for a barbie to celebrate another darn candle on my cake!  HIM surprised me with some beautiful roses picked from the garden outside our bedroom.  "Surprised" - yes, for two reasons, he brought them out before even leaving the bedroom to come out for brekky and the fact that he remembered before being reminded by the kids phoning to say Happy Birthday.

At the moment John is remodelling the deck of the warehouse to make loading our van and trailer easier for the shows.  Here's some snaps of the beginning - the tree and dog kennel have to go to make easier access.


Happy Sewing,
Your friend,



Our January Website Birthday Sale is certainly keeping us busy so orders are being despatched a little slower than normal this month, so please be patient.  If you want an order urgently, you only need to mention that in the Additional Comments Section of the order.

There's still some days left in the month to pick up a bargain as our super specials change daily.  You need to visit the website daily so as not to miss out.  


Hard to believe it is now 12 months since I commenced my Blog.  I try to keep it different to the Newsletters so please take a peek and if you like, make sure you subscribe to it so as you receive notifications when I post a new blog.  If you want more information about Mylar Embroidery Sheets, you may like to check out today's Blog.



I now have made it easier for you to enrol in any of our Online Classes by having it down the left hand side of the website as a separate heading.  Simply click on it for the range available.  More to be added as they become finalized. 

The Pleat Maker Online Class commences 1st February and has already many chit chatting via the Yahoo Group I've organized.  There's still time for you to consider joining us for this one.  Check out the Gallery of projects completed by past students.  Cost is $65.00



Also commencing on 1st February is our Westalee Mystery Sampler Quilt. The Yahoo Group has only just commenced for this and already we have a large number of students enrolled.  This is a really fun class and a great way to use all your stash!  Only $30.00 for 10 months so is very economical.

The Online Class for the Curve Master called Quilting with Curves commences 1st June 2011.



There are numerous new products added in this section so please discover for yourself all our new goodies.   The fabulous Hang It Dang It Quilt Hangers are now in stock. I have some more fabulously exciting new products on their way too.

A great new Machine Embroidery Stand from Outback Embroidery comes with a package of 20 Rayon Thread - a great introductory offer.

Have trouble threading hand needles?  Then you need a Spiral Eye Needle.  They're fabulous.

You should really check this section out regularly as I add to it constantly.



Every item in this section is less 15% for today's January Website Birthday Celebration just because it IS AUSTRALIA DAY and what better way than to promote excellent Aussie Made Products!


The current FREE PROJECT is a wonderful unique embellishment flower made from ZipR Trim.  Of course, you may use this trim for other embellishments too. 


I've recently added some more tutorials that may be of interest to you.  Scroll down the whole list and you may find many of interest.  There's some for the new Hang It Dang It Quilt Hanger mentioned above. 



Because we've had numerous photos on display within the Yahoo Groups for both our Online Pleatmaker Classes and our Punchneedle Embroidery Class, I thought it would be nice if other than students could view these.  So those students have kindly allowed me to show the world their work in our updated Gallery.  It is now has sub-categories to show their work.  If you've ever considered enrolling in one on our Online Classes, please visit the Gallery for some inspiration.


Did you know that subscription to these Newsletters is completely different to registering on our website?  So many think that if they are on one they are automatically on the other.  They are TWO separate lists!  When you update a new email address or anything else that may have changed, it needs to be done on both.  So many times I receive an email too saying "I can't log in to your website yet I receive your Newsletters!"  

By the way, if the Newsletter reader who kindly emailed me recently saying somehow she was receiving this Newsletter THREE times, please email me again so as I may fix this hiccup for you and apologize for you receiving this one THREE times too.  I just can't locate your email.

Did you know that we now have a new upgraded secure payment?  The security of your online payments is of vital importance to us. We have partnered with Australia's leading payment gateway, eWay® , to manage our credit card payment processing. eWay delivers the highest levels of infrastructure and security and will continue to be at the forefront in aligning eCommerce technology with customer needs. Other sites using eWay include Australia Post, Qantas, Westfield and St Johns Ambulance Service. The page where you enter your Credit Card details is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on eWay's secure servers. . Click here to read more.


In today's Blog, I mentioned Pro's Kit Tweezers.  Pro's meaning what Professionals choose.  I wouldn't do without these in my sewing box nor for everyday use.  They are simply fantastic and so inexpensive.  Their point is extremely fine and allows you to pick out the smallest of pokies from embroidery (hand or machine).  Make sure you have a variety of quality tools to make your sewing life so much more enjoyable.  The old saying, "Use the right tool for the right job".  I just love mine.  If you click on the link then view the closeup of the tweezers you will see what I mean by them being super fine.


Just a footnote before I complete this:  To everyone who has suffered the devastation of the floods in many parts of our land, all of Australia is lending a hand and we feel for you from the bottom of our hearts and from our pockets.  However, it occurred to me that undoubtedly some of my Newsletter Subscribers would be at loss due to this absolutely incredible situation our land is in right now.  Please let me know.............


Till next time,






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