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Hi Everyone,

Hello strangers!  My sincere apologies for not having had a regular Newsletter for so long, though there have been a few Quick News and plenty of Blog postings as well as constant Facebook notes.  I wish more would subscribe to all or any of those so as you don't miss out on things as they happen. You can go to my Blog at least and catch up on all previous posts. 

The last 6 months have been more than busy, but that's normal here.  John's hip replacement operation went well and he's on the trail back.  Next, his knee.......   The farm has now dried off as we need rain badly but the year has been a really good one with the ground much greener and for much longer as we had intermittent rain all year.  Beautiful living in the country, wouldn't move back to the city ever.  You wouldn't believe how good it is to be home now for a few months on end.  Catch up time, even though pre-Christmas selling is always brisk and January is over the moon due to our Website's Birthday Sale.

Today we are taking part in the new trend of CYBER MONDAY, so make sure you do some Christmas Shopping either for yourself or others and save with the huge discount I'm offering until midnight only.  Products already on special offers are excluded and products must be in stock.  I will review the results later this week to see if I make it an Annual Event or not.

During late October and early November I was away from the office for four whole weeks and have decided never again!  Brisbane was a fantastic show, as always, then we travelled straight to Melbourne without any time at home except a few hours' sleep, (which is one reason why I'm not doing that particular show in 2013), left Melbourne Show after the first day to attend the International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston USA, then flew straight back into Adelaide for set-up (without my luggage arriving with me) for the last show of the year.  Newcastle is another show that I have cut from our 2013 show schedule as it requires travelling directly from Canberra Show without returning home. 

Houston was nothing short of fantastic and I've reported regularly on my Blogs. New products will trickle through gradually over the next month or so.  Some already here, refer What's New? below.   John didn't fare too well though with me away so long, just look at him as you read further.  Show stands there are different to ours so I've taken an aerial view for you but keep in mind that there are 26 rows of these aisles, plus the Quilt Show area, Workshop and Seminar areas, food court (massive) and many other displays.  The big blue "arms" in the centre are at various intervals and actually hold the roof up.  Note there are no fascia boards on each stand, no high walls and fairly easy to walk around, though some times were with many more visitors than shown here.  This photo snapped on the Sunday, last day of the show.  You must place this show on your bucket list!

Youngest Grandson starts school next year so is now going to BIG school each Friday as the new program eases littlies into their new life.  Pretty pleased with himself as shown here.  He DOES have arms, they are simply behind his back as he stands to attention.

Eldest Grandson, whom many of you know from helping us out this year at many shows when John couldn't attend, is no longer a teenager.  Reece was 20 last week. 

Nick is awaiting results of HSC, Jasmine going stronger and stronger with Soccer, advancing through the ranks, yet still gets good marks at school, how I don't know as Soccer takes so much of her time.

Kirsten has completed her first year at Nursing and loving it.  Courtney and Ashleigh are continuing with school and sport.  Courtney will do Year 12 next year, so another big year ahead. 

Gosh I'm feeling old.  You all know what it is like to be GRANDMA!

Welcome to all our NEW subscribers, I hope you remain with us for a long time.  Some Newsletters are long, some are brief. 

Enjoy CYBER MONDAY.  Visit my website!


Happy Sewing,
Your friend,



As announced in my recent Quick News and Blog, the Sewing and Craft Shows are now to be called Stitches & Craft Shows.  Expertise Events has purchased the Registration and Logo of the original show for sewers, crafters & quilters.  Formed in 1987 by the beloved George Pyne, the shows were something to wait a whole year for and weren't they packed to the rafters!  I didn't start being an Exhibitor until 1991 but I went as a visitor each previous year as I was then trading as my retail shop in Campbelltown on the outskirts of Sydney. There are only two Exhibitors still doing the circuit who have clocked up more years than Punch with Judy. MAD!  So, please venture forth to these shows and keep in mind they are NOT the Stitches you have visited over the last decade - not the same owners, not the same shows.  Unfortunately, those Stitches didn't exit favourable.  These ARE to be attended.

My new Show Schedule is on my website and you may view the entire 2013 schedule now.  You will note some shows we will not be attending next year as we continue to trim our schedule. 

We are commencing with the Craft & Quilt Fair in Palmerston North, NZ in February, followed by the Stitches & Craft Shows in Sydney and Brisbane in March.  Make your arrangements now to travel to these.  Mark your diary for any which you think you can attend.  Lots of new announcements will be made over the next few months.  Stay tuned.

Many, many thanks for those who have attended our booth and been very valued customers over the year.  Of course, special thanks to our show staff too.


Machine Embroidery Retreat will be announced as soon as a suitable date is found, keeping apart from the show schedule now that it has been confirmed, my tutor's availability and my space to hold same.  I'm working on it and ask for your patience  View full particulars on our Retreats section which still shows past offers but newbies will get an idea if they wish to place an expression of interest.  For those from S.A. and W.A. who have expressed interest in a group attending, kindly forward me times that do NOT suit you. 


Online Classes held this year have now all finished as of a week or so ago but students are continuing with the Yahoo Group chat so some are pretty much still in full force. All will be held again in 2013.  Expressions of interest are being compiled now as the first one commences in February.  Not long after Christmas and the January holidays at all. Shortly, I will add some more images to the Students' Gallery on my website. Students in the Westalee Constellation Course learnt this month how to vary the ever-popular Dresden Plate with the latest template from Westalee called Dresden Spike Peeper Set.


So many new products I saw and purchased in Houston this year as I attended both the Quilt Market (Trade) and the Quilt Festival (Retail).  I certainly hope you read my Blogs showing you some fantastic booths and quilts at both. Visit What's New? for some exciting products with more to come each week. One of the exciting products I have added to What's New is the range from Swatch Buddies. What a great idea, enabling perfect co-ordinating of fabrics you have at home with the range in view at the shop.  You must read about these and all the extra little segments I've added about how to use them.

Purely Gates has added some really cute Machine Embroidery CD designs using Mylar Embroidery Sheets.  These you will love.

All Sorts Embroidery and Hatched in Africa keep adding to their now enormous range from which you may choose. Such as these very popular little Cupcakes.



Want to save your finger from being sewn when you guide your work?  The Sew-E-Z Fingerthing is what you need.  

Do you have trouble thoroughly cleaning the bobbin case area of your sewing machine?  The Microbrush Bendable Applicators are idea for this as well as lubricating or applying glue. They are amazing.

The Fiskars Sewsharp Scissors Sharpener will sharpen any dull scissors in a flash.  Tiny, but brilliant so all reports tell me. I don't have many in stock but more are on their way.


Do you have difficulty in finding the precise centre of where you wish to embroider a design?  Positioning is made a cinch when using the new PAL2 which is a Laser Crosshair Lamp that may be used with ANY hoop and it clamps easily to any work surface. Say goodbye to "my design is not quite in the centre where I thought it was going to be".  Of course, the PAL (Perfect Alignment Laser) works the same, just isn't a fully extendable lamp, but it's cheaper.

Good news! The Scrapmaster-Plus has been resurrected after more than a couple of years out of stock.  The new improved version is now in stock. It has always been a popular ruler.

The Magnetic Invisible Quilt Hanger is now available as a different type, more versatile with five super strong magnets that will hang even a heavy king-sized quilt if required.


One of my favourite new products introduced in recent months though would have to be the Truecut Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener.  Imagine being able to sharpen any size, any brand, rotary cutting blade WITHOUT having to remove the blade from the cutter!  True.  Do view the tutorial though on how to best use this product. Little rubber stoppers on the base of the unit enable you to sharpen hands free, so this makes it absolutely safe to use by all.

Take note of the ergonomically shaped Truecut Rotary Cutter too. That little red guide you can see surrounding the blade, is the perfect guide for when using in conjunction with their range of rulers that have a lip on the edge making it impossible to veer away from the ruler's edge. Amazing idea.

 Deb Tucker has a new ruler to her range - Split Rects Ruler which will enable perfect pieced rectangles every time.  Most of Deb's ideas are to cut larger, sew, then trim, resulting in absolute perfection for even a beginner.  More to come from Deb over the next month or so too. 


New bag patterns from By Annie and also from StudioKat Designs.   Both companies ALWAYS with patterns to please.  Got Your Back backpack purse and a Mini Organizer from Annie and The Uptown Saddle Bag from Kat.  Of course, there are others too that have been introduced since my last update to you.  Check the Archives of the What's New section too.



Julie Hall has released some new CDs a few of which have been instant hot sellers.  Mum's Roses An Heirloom Sampler Quilt has been very popular. Everyone loves roses and apparently Julie's mother did and this is a dedication to her collection of rose fabrics!  Another popular addition to her range of CDs is Large Letters, very often needed for all sorts of projects.  


Kay Hanley from 1-2-3 Embroidery  keeps coming up with new ideas. How about doing the Monster Mash with your kids?  Or take them down to the farm and show them some Farm Animals? All kiddies love the circus so bring it to the nursery and they can watch their own Circus Mobile.


Santa is coming, we all know; sometimes Santa brings books and everyone needs a Bookmark, so what better way to have Santa all year round than with a Christmas Bookmark?  All ages will love Kay's Sports Ball Beanbags!  Even teenagers will use these on their zipper pulls, on school bags or sportsbag.  Choose your sport!

 Sewline have introduced some new products too.  Stain Maid removes stains from fabrics with a proven ability to dissolve and effectively lift oil-based stains, grease, inks, blood, lipstick, coffee and tea to name just a few.  Sounds too good to be true, can't wait to try this myself with my next accident.  If you purchase this product, please give me some feedback about your experience.  They also have a new Trio Colour Fabric Pencil and an updated Sure-Guide Needle Threader which has a stronger, no fail, threader. 

Jenny Haskins has a few new CDs to delight you too. Jenny continues on educating us how to use machine embroidery to make a whole quilt as quilt-as-you-go style.  Her Piece De Resistance and Alphabet for Lennox are in the Special Edition series. 

Westalee Design Rulers have released a tool for binding quilts called 'Bound to Fit' which the students in my online classes have given rave reports about.  Due in this week is their latest tool for Dresden Plate variations.  Refer above in the Online Classes section for the Dresden Spike Peeper Set which comes complete with a DVD tutorial. 


Black Friday introduced the first of the Sew Steady Portable Table special offers and you still have time to take advantage of same if you email me.  Refer to the Quick News edition sent out on 23rd November.

There are very few Electric Yarn Ball Winders if you are interested, better be sooner than later. It's HALF PRICE!



In this section we have wonderful FREE Projects for you. One of my show staff made me a little coin purse using Clover's weaving technique called Meshwork and they have kindly allowed us to share their project sheet with you.





The last few blogs have been reporting on my visit to the International Quilt Market and Quilt Festival held at Houston USA.  I hope you've been following these blogs (another posted today) as some of the sights at the shows are mind boggling.  Did you realize that you may subscribe to receive my blogs directly into your Inbox of your computer?  Then you don't have to keep checking to see if I've posted a new blog.  Much easier and faster. http://punchwithjudy.blogspot.com   Image is from one of my blogs stating I found John over at Houston - or at least, what he may look like if I keep dragging him around the gypsy show circuit!

While visiting my blog, why not subscribe to it so as you may be informed when there's a new blog posted?



Simply visit Damaged & Discontinued, order whichever you please, then type in the Additional Comments section of your order that you wish to purchase the one from the D&D for such and such a price as the normal retail price will be showing on your order. Don't worry about that, we'll adjust manually. This week I shall bring this up to date as I have some great bargains to add.  I do have about ten Magvues which arrived on a very wet day and somehow in transit, some smart person must have placed one box on a wet surface.  The whole box got saturated so the packaging is very much less than desired, but the contents are perfect.  So, if you don't mind throwing away the box or allowing me to, then pick yourself up some Magnifiers for your eyes and wear them around your forehead - clearance $15.00 each.  Just order in the normal way and add into the additional comments section that you wish to take advantage of the damaged special.


I've recently added several new tutorials here. Many to do with products mentioned in the What's New? column. This is a great way for you to learn more about products. Do view the Truecut Rotary Cutters and Accessories and The Cutting Edge Ruler tutorials.



If you are contemplating joining the 2013 Online Course for the Westalee Mystery Sampler Quilt, you should visit the Students' Gallery to see some of their completed quilt tops.  You can also view the results from those who completed the Pleat Maker Online Course and the Punchneedle Online Course as we'll be holding these again. It may encourage you to join our next one.


Did you know that the Sewing with Nancy TV Series is now the longest running TV Show in history as Nancy Zieman just celebrated 30 years of continuously presenting this very popular TV Show teaching people how to sew?  We stock Sewing with Nancy's books too. This is a real mile-stone, not only for Nancy herself, but for sewing in general.  Even beating those night host shows!  Congratulations Nancy and I was so delighted to have a quick chat with her at Houston earlier this month.

Did you know that the monthly editorials I write for Into Craft are now grouped together on the right hand side of my website under Nifty Notions so as you don't have to keep going through the Archives on their website?   The current editorial is reviewing quilting seam allowance of 1/4" or a scant 1/4".

Did you know that if you sew a wide zig-zag down either side of the zipper tape with Fusible Thread on the side of the zipper pull with normal thread on the other, that you may press the zipper into place under the basted seam where the zipper is required - saves pinning or tacking?  Eliminates the zipper moving and the awkwardness normally associated with sewing alongside the zipper pull. Of course, the Fusible Thread is only a temporary hold, you will then need to sew the zipper in place using normal thread in both the bobbin and as a top thread.

Did you know that you should draw very lightly when using any of the ceramic lead pencils such as those from Sewline and Karisma so as they are easier to remove when required to do so? 


The Grip-n-Grip is a must for sewers who have difficulty in hooping fabric or stabilizer for machine embroidery. It absolutely grabs your project and won't let go!

Its new heat resistant non-slip surface is double-sided; simply place on the tabletop, place your hoop on it, then hoop your fabric without any shuffling or annoying movement at all.
Aids in hooping embroidery hoops, marking quilt tops, colouring on fabric, marking quilt labels and so many other times when you don't want your project to move. 
There is also a Grip-n-Press which has one side for stabilizing and one side for pressing without damaging even polished surfaces underneath. 
At our Machine Embroidery Retreats I have found either to be most helpful for students when they are new to hooping fabric for machine embroidery.



Till next time,



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