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Thimbles for Quilting and Hand Sewing

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Thimbles for Quilting and Hand Sewing

Adjustable Thimble
(0 reviews)  

Plastic, Open end.

Our price: AUD$4.00

Assorted Thimbles by Tulip
(0 reviews)  

Tulip's package of 3 assorted thimbles, the largest is popular for Sashiko Embroidery.

Adjustable, so one size fits all.

Our price: AUD$7.00

Aunt Becky's Finger Protector
(0 reviews)  

stainless steel device for fingers under the work

Our price: AUD$9.95

Comfort Thimble
(0 reviews)  
Soft, flexible. Moulds well.
Our price: AUD$13.95

Finger Cots
(0 reviews)  
Latex tissue, 10 per packet, small/medium/large. Just slip a finger cot onto your index finger on your quilting hand and watch how fast you can quilt through your project!
Our price: AUD$4.95

Flex Thimble
(2 reviews)  

A wonderful new flexible, comfortable, non-slip thimble. The Flex Thimble is great for use as an under-thimble when quilting and as a pushing thimble when doing cross-stitch.

Our price: AUD$15.00

Goatskin Fingertip Thimble
(0 reviews)  
A sturdy double layer Goatskin Thimble available in 5 sizes.  This durable thimble will outlast other leather thimbles 5 to 1.  Many discover that using the Goatskin Thimble  actually improves their quilting skills allowing more consistent stitch, more speed and better control.
  • Two layers of goat leather glued together for long-lasting wear
  • Seam-free protective tip
  • All Natural Leather - no dye to rub off on fabric or irritate skin
  • Goat Leather is tight-grained, strong and flexible
  • Extremely comfortable thimble for extended use
  • Five sizes to choose from to guarantee a perfect fit for every finger
Our price: AUD$19.95

Goatskin Over-the-Knuckle Thimble
(0 reviews)  
Some prefer this type of thimble and we find that the Goatskin Over-the-Knuckle Thimble fits most - it is One Size Fits All.
Our price: AUD$23.95

Lady Fingers Thimble - Closed Top
(0 reviews)  
Never slips, flexible coating gives fantastic stitch control.
Available in Petite, Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large.
One Thimble per packet
Our price: AUD$14.95

Lady Fingers Thimble - Open Top
(0 reviews)  
Tailor's style thimble with open end.  Has flexible coating giving fantastic stitch control and no slipping.
Available in Petite, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.
One per packet
Our price: AUD$14.95

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