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Quizzles™ are 3 different quilt designs on CD making them the first in the world to create affordable Interactive Quilt Patterns on CDRom. You can play and save unlimited versions of these quilt designs by changing the colours of the quilt pattern from a palette of 120 colours/sets. Once you have saved your personalized version of the quilt pattern you can then view the VERY detailed (can be up to 11 pages) instructions and you will find that both the text AND the many coloured step-by-step diagrams have changed to reflect your personal colour choices.

You can then choose to print selected pages or all pages in either colour or black/white. If you choose black/white, then each 'colour' will print out with a different pattern on it so you can differentiate them. This is then saving your coloured ink cartridges as well.....
There are extra bonuses within as well.
Compatible with Windows 98, 000, ME & XP as well as Macs 9.2.2 & OSX.

There is also a large interactive Quilting crossword puzzle on it as well as an extensive 10-15 minute tutorial to show all the other little bonus's available on the CD. It is an original/new software program that we have written especially for this new product!

Judy’s Note:
Very talented Helen is like a family member, working for us on our Show Stand demonstrating Punchneedle Embroidery for us and serving in general. She has become a major force in Stitcheries in her own right though and now she has teamed with her sister Tracey to release a brand new idea for quilters.
Helen told me early in 2005 that John gave her a “pep talk” and said that CD’s were the way of the future and she should get her act together and explore more the possibilities with her embroidery talents along this path. Well, here’s the result of that initial motivation, according to Helen.
Congratulations to both Helen and Tracey. We are very proud of you.