Keep Quilting with RuleSteady!
One of the problems with Rotary Cutting that I hear time and time again, is that the Ruler moved! That’s why it’s not straight! With one such quilter, that necessity required a need for something to keep the ruler steady. Your quilting life is about to change for the better too!
Keep Quilting with a RuleSteady! No longer will your hand have to “crabwalk” up the ruler nor will your wrist ache from holding that darn ruler so steady with so much effort.
It does sound too good to be true, but this handy tool does really work and ease the strain of fatigue from constant muscle pressure when rotary cutting.
Simply lean on the RuleSteady and cut. The “grippers” on the underneath side of the RuleSteady do actually hold tight onto the ruler preventing it from moving, yet the ruler can still glide over the fabric which it can’t do when you’ve applied a gripping type surface over your ruler that many have tried.

Wholly Australian Owned and Manufactured.