Seam Rippers

4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool by Alex Anderson
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The 4-in-1 Essential Sewing Tool by Alex Anderson is indeed one of the handiest tools ever!  Seam Ripper, Stiletto, Presser, Turner.
Four Must-Have Quilting and Crafting Tools in One

• Flat-ended presser cap for finger pressing, folding, burnishing
• Super-sharp BERNINA seam ripper for fast "unsewing"
• Pointed wood end cap for turning bias tubes and doll parts
• Extra-long stiletto protects fingers while pressing and machine piecing
• Won't roll off your work surface!

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R.R.P.: AUD$39.95 save 31%

Brass Seam Ripper - Pam Damour
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The polished Brass Seam Ripper has a red plastic ball on the shorter arm to help keep fabric and fingers safe! It truly is the best seam ripper you can find. Please use carefully, as it is very sharp. Keep away from children and capped when not in use.

Our price: AUD$39.00

Brass Sewing Tools Set
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A beautiful set of three brass sewing tools any stitcher would appreciate.  Beautifully gift boxed.

Our price: AUD$70.00

Combicut Seam Ripper & Tweezers
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A very popular combination - the Combicut is a brilliant tool for sewers. It has a Seam Ripper one end and a pair of Tweezers the other end.  It is fully retracted and safe to carry.  

Available in Pink or Turquoise.

Made in Germany

Our price: AUD$9.00
R.R.P.: AUD$12.00 save 25%

Curved Blade Squeezers
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Reverse-action squeezable scissors with a very fine curved blade.

  • Lightweight
  • Curved blade makes it ideal for applique
  • Ambidextrous - working well with left or right-hand
  • Sharp, stainless steel blades are long-lasting
Our price: AUD$15.00

E-Z Grip Seam Ripper by Havel's
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E-Z Grip Seam Ripper
The E-Z Grip Seam Ripper from Havel's Sewing features a unique thumb grip design for a more secure hold. Have more control over what you're cutting! The thumb grip is ergonomic and more restful for your hand and wrist. The stainless steel blade is long-lasting. When the blade dulls, the entire device is disposable.
Our price: AUD$5.00

Electric Seam Ripper by Wahl
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The Wahl Electric Seam Ripper is not "electric" as in a power outlet, but is operated by 1 x AA Battery (not included); certainly making quick work of ripping out unwanted seams and stitches.

Includes instructions how to use and how to oil.  5ml bottle of oil included.

You'll love it!

Our price: AUD$38.00

Fiskars ® Comfort Fabric Knife 1662
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NEW! Fiskars Comfort Fabric Knife is a versatile tool with many functions. It rips seams, cuts buttonholes and cuts fabric. Fiskars - Comfort Fabric Knife comes with 3 Blades.

Our price: AUD$20.00

Fiskars ® Scissors & Seam Ripper in One 9980
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Ultra-sharp detail scissors that convert into seam ripper!
The perfect companion for all your machine sewing projects, the unique Detail Scissors/Seam Ripper combines two essential sewing tools in one. When used as a detail scissors, the precision-ground blades make clean, precise cuts.
For added functionality, simply pivot the clasp to convert the scissors into a seam ripper.
As a bonus, the Multipurpose Organizer makes it easy to access & store your Detail Scissors/Seam Ripper Combo.
Our price: AUD$45.00

Gingher Seam Ripper
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Gingher's Seam Ripper features a razor edged cutting blade that safely retracts when not in use. The handle is ergonomically balanced to provide the user with fine cutting control in numerous positions. This tool is beautifully finished with chrome over nickel and comes in its own storage box. With proper use and care, the blade should last a lifetime and is covered by Gingher's guarantee.

Our price: AUD$49.00

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