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Soft ·N Pretty Pillow


This cozy pillow couldn&#8217t be softer! Eskimo fleece makes the difference. The embroidery gives the pillow its very own charm. The embroidery is easy using your machine&#8217s embroidery capabilities.

Supplies needed:

  • Two 18" squares Pellon&#174 fleece
  • 14" pillow form
  • 1/2 yd. cut-away stabilizer
  • 1-1/4 yd. wash-away stabilizer
  • 1 yd. 3" wide paper stabilizer
  • Rayon machine embroidery thread
Handy Notions:
1. Mark one fleece square for embroidery using The Fine Line Water Erasable Marking Pen.
  • Mark centered axis lines on fleece.
  • Mark 2" inside all four edges for flange stitching lines.
  • Mark corner guidelines 1" inside the flange stitching lines. Draw lines only 3" to 4" long.

2. Embroider the center motif.

  • Center one square of cut-away stabilizer on the wrong side of the marked fleece; center a square of the wash-away stabilizer on the right side of the fabric.

  • Hoop the center portion of the marked fleece, aligning axis lines with the markings on the embroidery hoop.

  • Set up machine for embroidery following the owner&#8217s manual. In addition:
    • Insert a machine embroidery needle.
    • Thread machine with rayon embroidery thread.
    • Insert a prewound bobbin in the bobbin case.
    • Insert an embroidery card into the slot. Select design. We used design #15 on Pfaff Creative Fantasy Card #41 and enlarged it to 96 mm x 100 mm.

  • Center the design using the framing screen.
  • Embroider the design.

  • Remove the fabric from the hoop. Remove outer areas of both stabilizers from the embroidery.
3. Embroider the corner motifs.
  • Pin mark the flange stitching lines on the right side of the pillow using Flower Head Pins.

  • Place pillow wrong side up. Pin a square of cut-away stabilizer to the fleece at one corner of the pillow, overlapping the pins by about 1". Pin stabilizer to fleece in the corners of the stabilizer.

  • Turn the fleece right side up. Remove the marking pins and position a wash-away stabilizer over one corner of the fleece. Hoop the fleece and both stabilizers, leaving approximately 1/2" to 3/4" between guidelines and the inside edge of the hoop.

  • Select desired design. (We chose #18 for the corners.) Position the design in the corner, within the corner guidelines.
  • Embroider the design.

  • Repeat, embroidering design in the remaining three corners.
  • Remove excess stabilizers from the embroideries using the 4" Curved Embroidery Scissors.
4. Add decorative stitching.
  • Turn off the machine; remove Embroidery Unit.
  • Mark lines on each edge of the pillow between the corner bows, 1-1/2" inside the flange stitching line.

  • Center a strip of Stitch 'N Ditch on the wrong side of the pillow, over the marked lines.
  • Select a built-in embroidery stitch. (We used stitch #157 on the Pfaff 7570.) Stitch each of the four sides.

  • Remove the paper stabilizer.
5. Finish the pillow.
  • Adjust the sewing machine for standard straight stitching. Raise the feed dogs. Thread the machine with all-purpose thread.
  • If necessary, square the pillow top.
  • Layer the pillow front and back, wrong sides together; pin. Stitch along the marked flange stitching line, beginning about 2" before a corner.
  • Stitch around all four corners, ending stitching 2" after turning final corner.

  • Insert pillow form; pin along open stitching line.
  • Stitch the pillow closed.
Copyright © Nancy&#8217s Notions, Ltd.
Used here with permission.