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Great products can make sewing easier and quicker.
Fusible thread is one product that fits this bill. Read why in my article  that appeared in the  "Into Craft" e-Newsletter, entitled "Why A Fusible Thread?"

Threads & Accessories

Echidna Embroidery Threads 2 Products
Fil-Tec Threads 9 Products
Gutermann-Sulky Threads 2 Products
Hemingworth Threads 3 Products
Madeira Threads 22 Products
Mettler Threads 1 Products
Outback Embroidery Thread 1 Products
Sulky Threads 18 Products
Superior Threads ™ 43 Products
WonderFil ™ 3 Products
YLI Specialty Threads 4 Products

Threads & Accessories

2 Tier Cotton Reel Holder/Pincushion
(0 reviews)  

Handcrafted wooden 2 tier Cotton Reel Holder with a Pincushion top.

Made in Australia exclusively for Punch with Judy

Approx. 18cm high with a 13cm diameter base

Our price: AUD$30.00

Bead Embroidery Tool Thread by Clover
(0 reviews)  

Designed for use with Clover’s Bead Embroidery Tool, this beautiful thread is available in Clear, Gold or Silver.

Our price: AUD$6.00
R.R.P.: AUD$6.50 save 8%

Benz Fuse
(0 reviews)  
Our price: AUD$6.50

Chizimi - Shrink Embroider Thread
(0 reviews)  
300m spool Cream Shrink Embroidery is a great way to achieve added texture to your garments making them so interesting. You may either wind the thread onto a bobbin and sew in straight lines, wavy lines, meandering or whatever; or, you may use it both in the bobbin and upper thread. Now, for the exciting part. Iron the wrong side of your work with a steam iron and see the magic appear before your very eyes. Remember to hover the iron over the top of your work, not allow the iron to actually touch the fabric. The Chizimi thread actually shrinks about 30% leaving uneven fabric creating a beautiful textured effect. Use this new fabric for a whole area or combine it with other sections just as a highlighter.

Judy's Note: So, now where are you going to use it?
It may then be used as an appliquéd section, centre of a flower, the whole flower, the bodice or yoke, a pocket, for landscape scenes, fluffy clouds all that sort of texturing fun stuff.
Our price: AUD$15.00

E6000 Glue/Quick-Cut Threadcutter Accessory Pack
(0 reviews)  

Accessory Pack to make your own Thread Cutter.

Includes: Acrylic Mounting Block, .18oz E6000 industrial strength glue, 2 x carbon steel blades, 7/64" Wrench and 4 Non-skid rubber pads.

Our price: AUD$25.00

Ladder Cotton Reel Holder
(0 reviews)  

Handcrafted exclusively for Punch with Judy, this quaint wooden ladder holds 4 reels of thread for hand-sewing or simply for display.

Approx. Height is 18cm

Our price: AUD$30.00

Rajmahal Art Silk Special Thread Pack
(0 reviews)  
Add excitement, interest and special beauty to your needlework with Rajmahal Art Silk.
Using Rajmahal is very similar to using any other stranded thread. It is preferable to wind your skeins onto a card base rather than pull thread from the skein.
Rajmahal Art Silk is used for all forms of embroidery, including Punchneedle Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Bullion Work, Couching, Smocking, Silk Ribbon Work, Tambour Needlework and Crazy Quilting plus so many other types.
Colours available:
Gold Range
Beautiful Strays Range
Greens Range
Rouge Range
Autumn Range
Blues Range
Elizabethan Range
Our price: AUD$24.00

Slimline Storage Box by Sulky®
(0 reviews)  

Beautifully organizes up to 104 Small Sulky® Snap-end Spools. (Most other brands fit too)
All spools are clearly visible and easily accessible.
Perfect for storage, carrying, displaying and organizing.

  • Free standing, partially opened near your machine or fully opened and hung on a wall
  • Pre-filled Thread Collections are organized and labelled by colour families

Please note: The Slimline Storage Box does not come with threads.

NOTE:Because this product is a large or heavy item, postage will be more than the standard $12 - you will be notified of the actual p/h before the order is finalized and charged.

Our price: AUD$65.00

Specialty Thread Spool Pin Adapter - The Thread Director
(1 reviews)  

Did you know that thread should unwind off the spool the same way it was wound onto the spool?  The Specialty Spool Pin Adapter from The Thread Director changes the orientation of the sewing machine's spool pin allowing metallic and delicate specialty threads to feed flat into the thread path, eliminating twisting and breakage. Now you can easily use metallic and specialty threads, giving your projects some extra sparkle and pop!

  • Fits on most sewing machines's vertical spool pin or bobbin winder
  • Accepts Petite Spools, Standard Spools & Mini Cones
  • Holds 2 spools at the same time for flexibility and creativity
Our price: AUD$49.00

Thread Collector
(0 reviews)  
Does your vacuum cleaner NOT pick up all the threads from the floor when you are cleaning up after sewing?  Ever tried collecting the Angelina Fibre from your carpet?
Here's your answer!
The Thread Collector is a double-sided comb that has fine brass teeth specifically designed to remove ANY type of thread, lint, fibre or animal hair from carpet, clothing, lounge suite etc.  One side has a heavy grip for your carpets and rugs whilst the other side has a light grip for your clothing and lounge suites.  Either side can be used to groom your pets too.  If you have stubborn fibres simply use a light backwards and forth motion to dislodge the fibres embedded in the fabric surface. 


  • Long lasting brass cleaning heads
  • Anti clogging surface
  • Guaranteed to remove any type of fibre or animal hair
  • Proudly Australian Made
  • Measurements: 14.5cm x 19.5cm
Our price: AUD$29.95

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