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Westalee Adjustable Quilting Rulers will enable you to cut 90% of traditional quilt blocks with accuracy every time. The last cut will be the same as the first cut, every time!
Simply set the desired strip width, lock the guide and cut.

No more maths, it also works like a calculator to take some of the hard sums out of the equation. No more "measure twice, cut once" rule, now you can "measure once, cut a thousand times".

Enables cutting of strips, squares, rectangles, diamonds, bias strips, sashing and borders, quickly and with accuracy.

Westalee offers a range of straight and triangle rulers in a range of sizes. Made of clear Perspex the adjustable rulers also offer "fussy cutting".

A black, locking fabric guide is attached to each ruler with two easily adjustable screws enabling the quilter to quickly and easily set the desired size of the shape.

A pair of Thumb Screws are available to assist those quilters who prefer not to use a screw driver. (These are offered FREE with some items.)

The adjustable triangle range enables accurate cutting of setting triangles for diagonal set quilts, half square triangles and quarter square triangles for blocks.

Rulers are marked with guide lines at 1/4" increments, allowing easy measurement of the final block or strip size including the seam allowance.

All rulers have been designed to give the finished size of the shape and all seam allowances are included.

No, the beginner or average quilter doesn't need the whole range, but some quilters will want and need each one. So, I've suggested a "Starter's Kit" of the three most basic tools you will require for everyday quilting. A beginner would need the 18" Adjustable Ruler, the Half Square Triangle and the Quarter Square Triangle. Refer to the products available.
We congratulate Leonie West, the inventor of the Adjustable Ruler Range, who was inspired by her own frustrations as a quilter, so with the help of her husband Bill, she has designed a range of quilting rulers to help every quilter from the novice to the more experienced, achieve accuracy with speed and lessen the workload of tedious tasks and maths. 
The ABC's TV Program "The New Inventors" People's Choice Award 
Grand Final Winner for 2008 was LEONIE WEST from Westalee Design.
Demonstration Videos can be viewed here

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Items: 112 of 498