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  • "Shhhh - Don't Tell Anyone" - A Book for Patchworkers by Leonie West

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    “Whether you are sewing squares, rectangles, triangles or you are using templates; if you follow the techniques in the book and pay attention to the detail your piecing should be beautiful with points that meet without the need to trim to square up your units and blocks.”

    32   – Punch Rewards.
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    • 32   – Punch Rewards.
  • Artisan Lace Book - Janet Collins Designs

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    Artisan Lace is a quilt made using Westalee Design Artisan Templates for Ruler Foot Quilting, highlighting a new technique developed by Leonie West called "TempLeeQuilt".  This technique allows you to quilt and raw edge applique all at one time using templates from Westalee Design.

    A 55 page spiral-bound book will guide you step-by-step creating 9 different blocks to create the quilt on the cover and then constructed using the Westalee Sash As You Go Technique.

    30   – Punch Rewards.
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    • 30   – Punch Rewards.
  • Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern by Susan Moore

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    Designed as a Christmas Tree Skirt, though you could use as the centrepiece medallion of a quilt or as a circular table cover. Measures 40" diameter finished.

    Measures 40" diameter finished.

    Designed and written by Susan Moore, a Westalee Design Accredited Teacher from Bristol, UK.
    The 13-page pattern walks you through how to sew the TempLeeQuilt technique, by Leonie West from Westalee Design, using the 12″ Arc Template that accompanies the Westalee Ruler Foot. What is TempLeeQuilt technique?  Similar to reverse applique but not quite. Two layers of top fabric in your quilt sandwich, one layer being cut away after the quilting design has been stitched.
    20   – Punch Rewards.
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    • 20   – Punch Rewards.
  • Coffee and Cream - Janet Collins Designs

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    Coffee and Cream Quilt was designed by Janet Collins as a challenge to use ONE design, ONE Westalee Template and just TWO fabrics.

    The result is a 9 block quilt using the "TempLeeQuilt" method using Westalee Design 4" Flying Bell Curve Triangle Template (which is available separately but is part of the full set of Flying Bell Curve Templates). TempLeeQuilt is a technique allowing you to quilt and raw edge applique. Quilt is constructed using Westalee Design's "Sash As You Go" method to make a flat and beautifully finished quilt.

    You will need a Westalee Ruler Foot and it is optional to use a Westalee 12" Crosshair Ruler.

    30   – Punch Rewards.
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    • 30   – Punch Rewards.
  • Creative Quilting Inspiration - London Collection - Flying Bell Curve Triangle

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    A 60 page booklet giving inspiration for ideas using the Westalee Flying Bell Curve Triangle Templates to quilt simple blocks, sashings, frames and borders. With the Flying Bell Curve you can also quilt elaborate and detail designs to your own imagination or by using the ideas in this booklet. 

    Creative Quilting Inspirations is the NEXT phase in your education stream towards "master quilting".

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    • 44   – Punch Rewards.
  • Creative Quilting Inspiration 12 Designs in a Book - London Collection - Flying Bell Curve Triangle

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    Instructions for 12 quilting designs using the Westalee Flying Bell Curve Triangle Templates from the London Collection by Westalee Design.

    These quilting designs will inspire using Westalee Rulers and Templates.  Only purchase if you have the Flying Bell Curve Templates from the London Collection.


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    • 49   – Punch Rewards.
  • Exploring the Double Wedding Ring by Leonie West

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    Leonie West has gathered together 38 Block and Quilt ideas using different tools from each of the 4 sets in her Double Wedding Ring range of products and now shares her ideas with us in her book "Exploring the Double Wedding Ring".
    Double Wedding Ring is certainly an old time favourite block amongst quilters, yet it is one that many avoid making.  Westalee Design Rulers have not only made this block so much easier to construct but so very versatile with numerous variations.
    There are 4 sets in the series: Set 1 is essential and may be used on its own to make the traditional Double Wedding Ring.  Sets 2, 3 & 4 include many variations but all require to use Set 1 as well.
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    • 41   – Punch Rewards.
  • Exploring the Westalee Pinwheel Tool Set by Leonie West

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    Leonie West is the inventor of the Westalee Design Adjustable Rulers and in her spiral bound book, "Exploring the Westalee Pinwheel Tool Set", she explores the numerous possibilites with her Westalee Pinwheel Block Set.
    38   – Punch Rewards.
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    • 38   – Punch Rewards.
  • Feathered Dreams by Janet Collins Designs

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    Feathered Dreams is a beautiful quilt designed by Janet Collins using the TempLeeQuilt method invented by Leonie West from Westalee Designs. This method helps you create interesting shapes and designs. Janet used the elegant Feathered Leaf quilt templates which are an unusual change from the normal rounded feather that we are accustomed to seeing.

    Approx. 130cm x 130cm

    35   – Punch Rewards.
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    • 35   – Punch Rewards.
  • Hunter's Star for Punch with Judy

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    Now you can make the Hunter's Star Block, a well-known traditional patchwork block, using the Westalee Design Adjustable Rulers.  An excellent "getting to know your Westalee Rulers" pattern.
    This is our own pattern made by my staff member and good friend, Liz Colledge.
    A Wall Hanging or Small Quilt measuring 32" x 32"
    12   – Punch Rewards.
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    • 12   – Punch Rewards.
  • Janet’s Ruler Quilt Designs Book - Janet Collins Designs

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    Janet Collins has designed a quilt to help beginners become confident with using the Westalee Ruler Foot and Templates. The 51 page book has 45 designs and has been designed  to help you get the most out of your Westalee Design Sampler Template Set 1. You will also need the Westalee Crosshair Ruler.
    Janet will guide you in the early stages of quilting with templates. However you don't have to follow it exactly. Making this quilt will develop your skills and by the time that you have finished your quilt, you will be so much more confident.
    Please feel free to create your own version of this quilt. Individual expression is what Westalee Design Promotes. We love it when you use the templates to create new designs.
    This pattern is designed to give you a framework to inspire you.
    30   – Punch Rewards.
    • AUD$30.00
    • 30   – Punch Rewards.
  • Jewel Quilt Book using Sampler Set by Angela Attwood

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    Designed, written and illustrated by Angela Attwood, a Westalee Design Accredited Tutor.  Angela uses the Westalee Sampler Set for this Quilt-As-You-Go Quilt.

    Full sized quilt measuring 70.5" x 70.5" 
    Lap sized quilt measuring 50"  x 50"
    Baby sized quilt measuring 33"  x 33"
    40   – Punch Rewards.
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    • 40   – Punch Rewards.
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