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Pleachét Rug Making Products

Recreate the beauty of heirloom rugs with the Pleachét method.
The Pleachét technique combines pleats and crochet; "Pleachét" rhymes with crochet.
Fun, fast and easy fibre art—no sewing involved! Make rugs and trivets of any size. Join new or recycled fabric strips with the Original RugNeedle™ and 100% Cotton Carpet Warp.
Make any size or shape from trivets to wall-to-wall carpeting
Join any loosely woven fabric with 100% cotton “carpet warp” (used by weavers)
Choose wool or wool blends, cotton muslin or flannel
Recycle coats, blankets, flannel shirts, and more
Unique Pleachét RugNeedle™—pointed on one end, crochet hook on the other
How-to booklet with colour illustrations and demo DVD available

Read all about the Pleachét story here...

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  • Pleachét Carpet Warp
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