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Full Line Stencils

Would you like to spend more time quilting and less time marking your quilt? Designed with you in mind, Full Line Stencils are a breeze to use. A speedy, simplified approach to transferring stencils. Details that others leave out and there's no going back to fill in the breaks making the task of marking a quilt so much faster!

The stencil is "etched" with the FULL design that you simply swipe the Quilt Pounce over and the complete design is transferred onto the quilt with the powder in the Quilt Pounce.

  1. Easy on your hands
  2. Designed for efficiency because Full Line Stencils do it right and faster!
  3. You can mark dark fabric flawlessly
  4. Get professional results every time
  5. Delicate lines yet very strong and don't come off as you quilt
  6. May be stored easily in a binder
  7. Completely reusable

Gives you more time for actual quilting

No broken lines mean no more guessing!
Here is a comparison test showing the Full Line Stencil results as opposed to a traditional Stencil marking.

Notice that the lines are not only uninterrupted but they are so much brighter and sharper? The reason is because the Quilt Pounce Pad applying the chalk is actually coming in contact with the fabric instead of the chalk being dropped loosely on top; it is gently rubbed right into the fibres of the fabric.

More visible lines give you perfect quilting results.
No broken lines mean no more guessing!
Click here to view the range of Video Tutorials for the Full Line Stencils

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Items: 112 of 32