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Choosing the right hand sewing needle for your sewing can become confusing with so many to select from these days.
Gone are the days of yesteryear when a Sharp Needle was used for everything and cotton was the only thread available to sew with.

The most common questions I am asked is “which needle do I use for Candlewicking” or “for Cross-Stitch?” 

For some guidance, read my article that appeared in "Into Craft" e-Newsletter, entitled " Which Needle To Use When? 

I have also prepared a  complete explanation of each needle  and its use which you may find helpful in choosing the correct needle for each project.

Using the right needle for a project makes the stitching so much easier. 
Note: the document is a PDF which will open in a new browser window.You might also find these charts of Clover Pins and Clover Needles useful

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Items: 112 of 43