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Easy DIY add-on Micro Task Lighting to rid yourself of desktop lamp clutter and underperforming lighting on sewing machines or area task lighting.

Light Where You Need It™

Who doesn't need more light for Sewing? Not just more light, but the right Sunbrite quality light without clutter, maintenance and shadows. Replaces old-school purple and blue hues of lesser quality imported LED lighting found on new machines today. We're talking Sunlight not Moonlight! Look no more, its here and its a game changer. We've set out and searched the world over for the very best available ceramic LEDs capable to grow plants. Our USA invented and hand-assembled full-spectrum lighting is not much larger than an everyday paperclip. Rare Japanese sourced phosphor materials now brings the best available lighting known to man as "sunlight" to light up your tasks in the most comfortable natural manner your eyes will like as no other light can do. Never overstated; simply the best value unobtrusive task lighting. Light Where You Need It.™

Both direct machine mountable or personal wearable models are available. High Definition viewing at the task is finally here for all to enjoy.

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  • NT-40 NeckLITE ™ Original
    • AUD$69.00
    • 69   – Punch Rewards.
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  • LT-PK2 2 Metre Power Plug Kit
    • AUD$20.00
    • 20   – Punch Rewards.
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  • MT-120 MachineLITE™
    • AUD$79.00
    • 79   – Punch Rewards.
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  • MT-80 MachineLITE™
    • AUD$59.00
    • 59   – Punch Rewards.
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  • MT-40 MachineLITE™
    • AUD$39.00
    • 39   – Punch Rewards.
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