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Westalee Adjustable Quilting Rulers will enable you to cut 90% of traditional quilt blocks with accuracy every time. The last cut will be the same as the first cut, every time!
Simply set the desired strip width, lock the guide and cut.
  • No more maths, it also works like a calculator to take some of the hard sums out of the equation. No more "measure twice, cut once" rule, now you can "measure once, cut a thousand times".
  • Enables cutting of strips, squares, rectangles, diamonds, bias strips, sashing and borders, quickly and with accuracy.
  • Westalee offers a range of straight and triangle rulers in a range of sizes. Made of clear Perspex the adjustable rulers also offer "fussy cutting".
  • A black, locking fabric guide is attached to each ruler with two easily adjustable screws enabling the quilter to quickly and easily set the desired size of the shape.
  • A pair of Thumb Screws are available to assist those quilters who prefer not to use a screw driver. (These are offered FREE with some items.)
  • The adjustable triangle range enables accurate cutting of setting triangles for diagonal set quilts, half square triangles and quarter square triangles for blocks.
  • Rulers are marked with guide lines at 1/4" increments, allowing easy measurement of the final block or strip size including the seam allowance.
  • All rulers have been designed to give the finished size of the shape and all seam allowances are included.
  • No, the beginner or average quilter doesn't need the whole range, but some quilters will want and need each one. So, I've suggested a "Starter's Kit" of the three most basic tools you will require for everyday quilting. A beginner would need the 18" Adjustable Ruler, the Half Square Triangle and the Quarter Square Triangle. Refer to the products available.
We congratulate Leonie West, the inventor of the Adjustable Ruler Range, who was inspired by her own frustrations as a quilter, so with the help of her husband Bill, she has designed a range of quilting rulers to help every quilter from the novice to the more experienced, achieve accuracy with speed and lessen the workload of tedious tasks and maths.
The ABC's TV Program "The New Inventors" People's Choice Award
Grand Final Winner for 2008 was LEONIE WEST from Westalee Design.
Demonstration Videos can be viewed here
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All Westalee Products

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All Westalee Products

Feather Spine 10" x 1.5" by Westalee Design
(0 reviews)  

Quilting feathers can be difficult, but with the Feather Templates you can quilt straight feathers. With a Feather Spine, feathers on a wavy spine, feathered plumes are easy.

Available in 2 sizes: 10" or 12"

Our price: AUD$28.50

Feather Spine 12" x 1.5" by Westalee Design
(0 reviews)  

Quilting feathers can be difficult, but with the Feather Templates you can quilt straight feathers. With a Feather Spine, feathers on a wavy spine, feathered plumes are easy.

Available in 2 sizes: 10" or 12"


Our price: AUD$31.00

Hearts Table Runner - Westalee TempLeeQuilt Method - Judy's QuiltTech Online Class
(0 reviews)  

Hearts Table Runner featuring TempLeeQuilt Method.  (to commence 20th April, 2020)

Leonie West, Westalee Design, created TempLeeQuilt as a NEW technique using Westalee Quilting Templates over 2 or more layers of fabric and then cutting away sections to create an appliqué appearance, similar to raw edge appliqué. 

Susan Moore, Westalee Accredited Teacher UK, has written and designed this pattern exclusively for Punch with Judy.

You will need to use the Westalee Hearts Template Set to complete this as shown, however, you may simply learn the technique and use any other suitable Westalee Design Template Set. Therefore, I have made this class just as the Class Fee only. Your choice. Click for more...........



Our price: AUD$20.00

Paisley Templates 4 pce Set by Westalee Design
(0 reviews)  
Westalee Design Set of 4 Templates in 3 sizes - the Paisley Design allows you to be creative with these tear-drop shaped templates.
Set Includes, 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″ and 3″ Designs. 
Choose desired Shank Size.
Our price: AUD$85.00

Stepping Out - Yin & Yang Collection - Westalee
(0 reviews)  

Stepping Out - Yin & Yang Collection is designed by Leonie West from Westalee Design and is part of the Stepping Out Series which includes, Petals, Dots & Dashes, Circles and Ovals.

Collection Set includes 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5" & 3" Templates - using the unique Key System to enter the Template and Passway to make it easy to step through the sizes for creativity using multiple sizes.

Individual Template Sizes will also be available in the future.

Our price: AUD$115.00

Template Library Folder Pattern by Westalee Design
(0 reviews)  

Leonie West and Janet Collins got together to design a Template Library Folder in which to store and protect your Westalee Templates.

The idea is to make a folder for a Westalee Design Template Set and quilt the folder with a design using that particular template set. Stack or stand on a shelf like you would display books on a shelf. Keeps the stored, protected and easy to find. Adaptable to different sizes, vary it yourself. Folder has 6 internal pockets.


Our price: AUD$26.00

Westalee - Circles on Quilts Spinning Branch 11.5
(0 reviews)  

In the range of Circles on Quilts from Westalee Design, the Spinning Branch requires a little more skill, as the design requires the quilter to float at a number of points; so if you like a challenge, it really is not difficult to stitch with practice.

Spinning Branch 11.5" - 8 Rotations

It is recommended to view the Video Tutorial for instructions.

Our price: AUD$41.50

Westalee Decorative Thread Ruler Foot
(0 reviews)  

Proudly given the World Premiere on the Punch with Judy Stand at the Australasian Quilt Convention, Melbourne in April, 2018.

Westalee Design introduce their Decorative Threads Ruler Foot that allows you to couch with just one Ruler Foot along with the guidance of templates. With a wide variety of decorative threads from stranded silk to 12 ply metallics, remember, without changing the Ruler Foot for different thread thicknesses, you will be able to create beautiful features in your designs using the accuracy provided by using any of the Westalee templates for domestic ruler foot quilting. 

Our price: AUD$45.00

Westalee Slant Shank Ruler Foot
(0 reviews)  

If you have a Singer Slant Domestic Sewing Machine, there is now a Westalee Slant Shank Ruler Foot designed for you!

Available now. Included is a 12" Arc Template, for quilting curved and straight lines.

Testing on a range of Slant Shank machines has been successfully completed - View Video

Our price: AUD$65.00

Wreath 2 with Echo - Westalee - 5 sizes
(0 reviews)  
Wreath 2 with Echo Designed by Leonie West 
This is a lovely wreath with so many options.
It is easy to quilt the Wreath 2 design using the Pin Locating System and has 16 Rotations.
Use more than one Wreath size to open up the design potential.
Set of 3  3.5″-5.5″-11.5″ & Set of 5   3.5″- 5.5″ – 7.5″ –  9.5″ – 11.5″ available, but here, you may choose from individual template sizes.
Choose from Low Shank or High Shank
Our price: AUD$28.50

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