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Video Tutorials for Westalee Rulers and Templates for Domestic Sewing Machine Free Motion Quilting

General Tips

The Ruler Foot on Different Machines

Spin-e-fex Templates

Feathers Template

Sampler Set Templates

Circles on Quilts


Artisan Curves Templates

Mini Fills Templates

The London Collection - Flying Bell Curve Template


Hearts & Applecore


Continuous Rope Borders

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Domestic Machine Ruler Foot by Westalee Design

Fitting the Ruler Foot and what rulers should you use?


Quilting a large Quilt on a Domestic Machine using templates 


Pivot/Hover Function

Why you should use the Pivot / Hover function when using templates on a Domestic Sewing Machine. Ruler work is exciting and the results can be stunning but it is important to take care when using templates on your domestic sewing machine.


How to adjust tension

How to adjust the tension on a domestic sewing machine when using templates with a Ruler Foot. It’s all about top and bottom tension.


Template Choice


Ruler work on a Bernina Sewing Machine


Pfaff 2058 ruler work using Westalee Spin-e-fex template


Husqvarna Designer II using Westalee Ruler Foot


Ruler work on a Singer 201


Pfaff Grand Quilter using templates


9 year old, Brian sewing on Mums Janome


Spin-e-fex by Westalee Design


Spin-e-fex Feather Template

41/2" Spin-e-fex Feather Template tutorial. This is 1 of 4 templates for doing circular feathers. This method makes it so easy to create accurate rotating feathers in 4 different sizes. Made to suit the Westalee Ruler Foot and also available for Long Arm machines.


Spin-e-fex No. 4 Template

Domestic Machine Free Motion Quilting with Rulers and templates. This tutorial is using the Spin-e-fex Template No. 4 from Westalee Design. It is one of six templates included in the Sampler Set. Leonie uses the template to make a rotating pattern and also uses the same template in a border.


Spin-e-fex Snowflake No. 7

Westalee Designs Rotating Template, Spin-e-fex Snowflake No 7. There are 8 different Snowflake designs in this series. Each template follows the same instruction and method. You only need a couple of reference lines and you can complete the design accurately and easily.

Mini Spinifex & Mini Crosshair Introduction

Westalee Design Spin-e-fex Mini 1 from Collection 1

Westalee Design Mini Spin-e-fex 4 

Westalee Design Spin-e-fex Mini 5 from Collection 1


Spine-s-fex Rotating Template No1S


Quilting Feathers on a Domestic Machine with templates

Circle Wreath Feathered Leaf



Westalee Feathered Leaf


Spinning Wheels No. 36 Sampler Set



6 inch Spiral


Simple Circles Template

In the tradition of template excellence, Westalee Design have included one of the Simple Circles Templates for stitching Circles inside a template, in our Sampler Set. When we designed the key lock system in 2008 we new that our templates could be used on Long Arm Machines without the bump going around the entrance. We use the same unique key system in our Domestic Templates.


Circles for Domestic Machines


Quilting Circles by Leonie West

Westalee Baptists Fan

Quilting the Baptist Fan using templates on a Domestic Sewing Machine. Westalee Design Circles on Quilts Template provide beautiful circles and a variety of Baptist Fan Designs..


Honeycomb Template

Rotating design made with the Westalee Honeycomb Template.


Circles on Quilts Spinning Wheel No5


Circle On Quilts Spinning Wheel 27


Circles on Quilts Wreath No1


Circles on Quilts Wreath No2

Circles on Quilts Wreath No3


Circles on Quilts Wreath No7


Circles on Quilts Wreath No8


Circles on Quilts Wreath No15


Circles on Quilts Wreath No22


Circles on a Border


Using the Curly Q templates

Leonie West says: "Westalee Templates are used and tested by myself and a number of quilters before we release new products and even with all this testing sometimes when using a template months later I will find that a change to the template will be a benefit to the quilter. The Curly Q is one of these templates we changed the key in this template as we only need to sew against one side of the template (not the side with the key). By having an opening instead of the key, you simply lift the template past your foot, flip or swap sizes. It is faster and you do not have to worry about losing the key.


We have also taking the key out of a number of other templates for this reason."


Curly Q Fan



How to Quilt with Artisan Curves Templates Part 1



How to Quilt with Artisan Curves Templates Part 2


Mini Fill - Tile Template


Mini Fills - The Zig Zag Template


Mini Fills Brick Template


The London Collection - Flying Bell Curve Triangle Set

This template collection is from the London Collection and is called the Flying Bell Curve Triangle. Available individually or as set. 


Design No 7 for the Flying Bell Curve Template


Lineworks - SashLeeQuilt



Hearts Template 6 Piece Collection


Miniature Baptist Fan Part 1


Miniature Baptist Fan Part 2


Continuous Heart Border Template



Continuous Rope Templates


Echo Guides