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Wonder Clips

Tutorial kindly supplied by Afton Warrick
 Just what else could a quilter possibly need?
Wonder Clips, or course! They’re cute and colourful. If that’s not enough, they’re great little helpers at holding layers of fabric together while you’re in the process of sewing them.
Wonder Clips come in packs of 10, 50, or 100.  There are a variety of colour options (red, multi, pink and ectoplasmic…ahem, neon green), as well as Jumbo (12 pcs. or 24 pcs.) and Mini variations. If you don’t purchase a 50 piece set that comes with a box, you can organize your clips with a wrist cushion or make the super adorable Wonder Cushion devised by Esther at Squeeze Quilts.
Most often I use Wonder Clips for hand binding, which I prefer compared to machine binding because it looks so clean and gives me an excuse to watch some mindless television.
I did have a bunch of Wonder Clips when Clover released their neon green version, but I maybe, just maybe, needed them. Can you see why? I’m feeling the monochromatic bliss!