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Bead Knitted Tassel

This little beauty can be used to embellish a zipper on a jacket or sweater,
or as a special added extra on any of the Swallow Hill Beaded Bags.


1 50 gm ball number 8 perle cotton
1 pair 1.25 mm (0000) knitting needles
25 gms (5 - 6 strings) size 10 or 11 beads
1 beading needle
Bandaid - with needles this sharp, you may need this!


S2B Slide the designated number of beads up to the last worked stitch (in this case 2 beads)
S1 Slip one stitch knitways
K1 Knit one stitch
K2tog Knit two stitches together


If the beads are on strings, make a loop and tie a slip knot in the thread of one of the strings. Place the end of the perle cotton through the slip knot loop and carefully slide the beads from the thread to the cotton. If the beads are loose, use a beading needle to pick up the beads and string them onto the knitting cotton. Using the cotton strung with the beads, cast on (loosely) 6 stitches.

Tassel Body:

Row 1 K1, *S2B, K1* across

Row 2 S1, knit in front and back of each stitch across row to last stitch, K1 (10 stitches)

Row 3 S1, *S2B, K1* across

Row 4 S1, knit across row

Repeat Rows 3 and 4 four more times (6 beaded rows).

Tassel Fringe:

Row 13 S1, *S70B, knit in front of stitch, then leaving stitch on left hand needle, S70B and knit in back of same stitch* across to last stitch, K1 (18 stitches, 16 tags)

Row 14 S1, K2tog across to last stitch, K1 (10stitches)

Row 15 K2tog *S2B K2tog* across row (5 stitches)

Row 16 S1, K2tog across row (3 stitches)

Row 17 Cast off.


Sew up side of tassel. Run a gathering stitch along the top edge and pull tight.

Copyright © Swallow Hill Creations
Used here with permission.