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Clearance Sale Offers

For any of these offers there is a DISCOUNT COUPON CODE. After you order your selection, when you click on your Shopping Cart Trolley, on the View Cart Page you may enter the Discount Coupon Code  to receive the  Discount by scrolling right down to the "Do You Have A Discount Code?"


When you submit your Coupon Code the total for your order will be adjusted to allow for the Discount

NOTE:  All Clearance Offers are valid to use the CODE until completely sold out. 

Apologies in advance if your chosen special offer has already been completely sold.

All PURELY GATES EMBROIDERY CDs are LESS 40% using the Discount Coupon Code GATES

Four Books for June Clearance are LESS 40% using the Discount Coupon Code JUNEBOOKS

A Collection of Phillips Fiber Art Books are now out of print, so offering some at LESS 30% using the Discount Coupon Code PHILLIPS

Loralie Fabrics and a Vest Pattern from Of My Hands to clear at Half Price - NO Discount Coupon Code required.

Purchase a By Annie Bag Finishing Kit and receive a FREE Pattern to use with that kit. NO Discount Code for this one.

Quilting Books on Curves and Circles are LESS 40% using the Discount Coupon Code CIRCLES

LEARN MORE ABOUT QUILTING with some Clearance Offers from CT Publishing. Use the Discount Coupon Code LEARN for a 35% Discount.

INKLINGO BOOKS-ON-CD and DVDs from Inklingo making able to print templates directly onto your fabric. Use Discount Coupon Code INKLINGO to receive Less 35%

QUILTER'S MULTI-MATa multi-functional 4-in-1 is now $29.95 using the Discount Coupon Code MULTIMAT

From The Sewing Revolution, DEE-BY-DEE - DESIGN BY DOTS is LESS 40% using Discount Coupon Code DEEBYDEE  Includes an instruction booklet with inspirational ideas.

A variety of READYMADE BAGS are LESS 35% until sold. Use Discount Coupon Code READYMADE

MUNDIAL 8 1/2" Dressmaker Shears with Micro-Serrated Blades are Less 20% using Discount Coupon Code MUNDIAL

PURSE FRAMES are LESS 35% when using Discount Coupon Code FRAMES

Overstocked PYJAMA PARTY Book20 only, LESS 30% using Discount Coupon Code PARTY

FLORIANI STABILISERS are less 30% when using Discount Coupon Code FLORIANI

BEAD KNITTING Patterns, Books and Beads are HALF PRICE using the Discount Coupon Code BEADS

QUILTERS RULE INTERNATIONAL quilting rulers are to clear at LESS 35% using the Discount Coupon Code QRINTER

EZ ACRYLIC MINI TOOLS are to clear at LESS 35% using the Discount Coupon Code MINITOOLS, available as 14 pce set or as individuals. Sets are now all SOLD but plenty of individual templates left.

JUST CURVES Acrylic Templates to clear at NOW LESS 50% (as of 11/4/21) using the Discount Coupon Code JUSTCURVES.

EZ Notions and Rulers clearance at LESS 25% using the Discount Coupon Code EZQUILTS, limit of one of each product per person so as to share. 

Huge Clearance of Miscellaneous Scissorsfor embroidery, dressmaking and general use, LESS 25% using the Discount Coupon Code SCISSORS. Many have less than 10 so you will need to be fast.

Clearing all Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread with no Discount Coupon Code to use. 7 Threads for $49.00, that's nearly half price. Buy as many as you wish, POT LUCK with colours. Other Thread Offers too, not many available, refer to Newsletter.

ALL Creative Curves Books and Rulers are LESS 60%  Use the Discount Coupon Code CURVES to receive your 60% Discount.

The Silhouette CAMEO is an electronic cutting tool that connects to your home computer just like a printer. However, rather than printing images, the CAMEO cuts out designs and text.  

Software from Silhouette to CLEAR at website prices from 55% to 70% off original prices. Some are discontinued and some may be upgraded to current version at  


More Paper Stencils to CLEAR at LESS 40% - from GOLDEN THREADS, LORIEN QUILTING and ELEMENTS  use the Discount Coupon Code MORESTENCILS to receive your 50% Discount.


Use the Discount Coupon Code STENCILS to receive your 40% Discount.

A selection of BY ANNIE PATTERNS Less 50%. Use the Discount Coupon Code ANNIE to receive your 50% Discount. 

NOW REDUCED TO LESS 50% as of 11/4/21

A selection of JENNY HASKINS DESIGNS BOOKS Less 40%. Use the Discount Coupon Code JENNY to receive your 40% Discount.

NOW REDUCED TO LESS 40% as of 11/4/21

A selection of Machine Embroidery Books are available LESS 40% by using the Discount Coupon Code MEBOOKS.

NOW REDUCED TO LESS 40% as of 11/4/21

Buy ONE Magazine and receive THREE extra Magazines FREE. No code, just mention MAGAZINES in the Additional Comments Section at the checkout. Textiles Magazines, Embellish Magazines, Quilting Arts Magazines. 4 for the price of 1

Stock reduction of TWO sets of rulers from QUILT IN A DAY, the FUSSY CUT TRIO RULERS and the 3 PIECE MINI GEESE RULER SET are less 50% simply due to overstocked quantities to clear. Use the Discount Coupon Code QUILT to receive your 50% Discount.  

Note:  Fussy Cut Trio now SOLD OUT. VERY FEW OF MINI GEESE LEFT TO CLEAR, LESS 50% as of 11/4/21

To Clear: ORANGE PEEL Bag Patterns are HALF PRICE - Use the Discount Coupon Code ORANGE to receive your 50% Discount.  AS OF 25TH MARCH, NOW LESS 60%

All remaining Bear Paw Production Stained Glass Patterns are now HALF PRICE - some now only have 1 or 2 left.

Use the Discount Coupon Code BEARS to receive 50% Discount

All Fast, Fun & Easy Books are now $10.00 - NO Discount Coupon Code required

Attic Window from Phillips Fiber Art is LESS 40%


There are very few Quilting DVDs left from the Ricky Tims Range, marked down to $30.00. Only TWO left now
All Stained Glass Quilting Patterns from Lovenest Designs are now only $3.00 each. NOW ONLY $2.00 EACH
All remaining 
Designs by Ros Patterns are to clear at $3.00 each and one large quilt is $9.00. ONLY 1 OR 2 OF SOME
The above have all left overs from Judy's Jar specials, hence the throw out prices! 

Machine Embroidery with a difference - SEW ARTFULLY YOURS by Cindy Losekamp.
All Books, Books/CD ROMS at HALF PRICE! see below

NOW REDUCED TO LESS 70% as of 11/4/21

LAURA MURRAY DESIGNS - Fabric Embellishment Products are LESS 50%
Rubbing Plates and Books - Use the DISCOUNT COUPON CODE LAURA

As of 25th March, NOW LESS 50%

There are some of THE MERCURY TEMPLATE left from our January Website's Birthday Sale. I offer you at HALF PRICE  Using the DISCOUNT COUPON CODE MERCURY

East strip-piecing method of Mariner's Compass from ROBIN RUTH DESIGNS LESS 40%
Brings the Mariner’s Compass into the 21st Century!
16-Points to 32-Points!

Clearance of a selection (not the entire range) of QuiltSmart Fusible Printed Interfacing Panels at HALF PRICE

As of 25th March, ALL orders for the above over 4 panels, will receive ONE extra panel at no extra price.

As of 11th April, ALL orders for the above over 10 panels, even at HALF PRICE, will receive ANOTHER FIVE panels at no extra prices.