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Cornered Scallop Projects Tutorial

Including quilts, pillows, placemats, napkins and table runners
Using the Scallop Radial Rule

Simple Steps for
Quick and Accurate Scallops


Key Principles

  1. Numbers on rule indicates length of arcs in inches
  2. Dashed lines on rule are on 1/2inch grid
  3. Draw guideline on project
  4. Fill guideline with arcs

Project Steps

  1. Draw rectangular guideline

  2. Mark four corners by drawing TWO arcs of same size

  3. Fill in between corners— Fudge if necessary by using smaller or larger arcs and shifting up or down

  4. Stitch first & then trim, OR bind (see below)

Bound Quilt Projects

  1. Place raw binding edges right on marked arcs & stitch 1/4inch from raw edge.
  2. Trim fabric away.
  3. Turn binding to back. When you come to a concave V, clip up to seam, pull scallop apart, stitch across and continue.