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Creating Tear-Away Stencils using the No Marking Method and Golden Threads Quilting Paper

Step 1.   tear away stencilsTrace - Select a continuous line quilting design. Resize design on a copy machine to fit project. Trace design on Golden Threads Quilting Paper.
Step 2. quilt designsStitch - To create multiple tear-away stencils, stack several sheets together placing traced copy on top. Pin to secure and machine stitch following design using a large sized unthreaded needle.
Step 3. quilt patternQuilt - Separate tear-away stencils as needed. Pin to project and quilt following the holes using free-motion quilting methods.
Step 4. quilt stencilsTear - Tear the paper from quilted area. Golden Threads Quilting Paper removes cleanly and easily without pulling stitches.