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Crochet Tassel


4-5 strings size10 or 11 seed beads
small amount number 8 perle cotton
1.50 mm crochet hook


ss = slip stitch
yo = yarn over hook
st = stitch
ch = chain
lps = loops
bsc = bead single crochet

How to transfer your beads from the bead string to your working cotton:

Transfer beads from bead strings thus: separate one string from your bead hank.Tie off one end. With the other end of the bead string, tie a single knot around the shaft of the perle cotton. Pull tight. Slide one inch of beads at a time from the temporary string to your perle cotton.


Ch 4, join with ss to first ch, ch1

Rnd 1
(insert hook in centre of circle, yo, draw up loop, 2 lps on hook. Move 1 bead up to 2 lps, yo, draw through both loops on hook) 1 bsc made. Make 7 more bsc in circle, do not join

Rnd 2
*2 bsc in each st* around – 16 bsc

Rnd 3-9
1 bsc in each st around

Rnd 10
(into back lp of bsc below, insert hook, draw up lp, pull up 65 beads (or 4 inches of beads), yo, draw through both lps on hook) 1 fringe stitch made. Make another fringe stitch in this same bsc. Continue in this manner, making 2 fringe sts in each bsc around (32 fringe sts).

End off and tie in ends.


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