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EZ Quilting® Easy Hexagon Tutorial

Using the Easy Hexagon
Before cutting strips, fold your fabric once parallel to the selvedge edges, with selvedge edges together. Then fold again in the same direction. Trim along one side of the folded fabric perpendicular to the selvedge edge to square it up.
Demo image After determining the side-to-side height of your hexagons, fold fabric twice parallel to the selvedge edges, so it is narrow enough to lay the Easy Hexagon tool across. Trim the cutting edge of the fabric square. Line up the desired measurement line of the tool along the edge of the fabric. Cut strip(s) along the top edge.
Demo image Trim the end of the strip
at a 60° angle.
Demo image Demo image
Line up the bottom of the tool with the bottom edge of the strip. The top of the strip should line up with the top of the hexagon you want to cut. Slide the tool so the edge of the strip lines up with the corresponding edge of the desired hexagon. Cut along the edge of the tool to get diamonds.
Demo image Line up the tool so that the bottom of the tool is along an edge of the diamond and large angles of the diamond line up with the opposite points of the desired hexagon on the tool. Trim the point of the diamond.
Demo image Demo image
Turn the remainder of the diamond so that it fits within the desired hexagon of the tool and trim the other point to get the hexagon. These hexagons have a quarter inch seam allowance built in.

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