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Ghee's Mini Bag

Look at all the ideas for what it can carry!


Knitting Needles

Rotary Cutter

Garage for Match Box Cars

Coin Purse

Credit Cards

Curling Iron

Grandma's Brag Book


Mobile Phone

Business Cards



Personal Products

Let your imagination create one of the handiest little bags that was originally designed as an Eyeglass Case, but because so many people have forwarded their interpretation of how they made it, Linda has renamed it a "Mini-Bag".
You may use embroidery, patchwork, creative overlocking or simply make it in quilted fabric. I made one a long time ago featuring a beautiful IgolochkoyTM Punchneedle Design. Share with us your interpretation and forward me a photo of your finished "Mini-Bag".

Supplies needed:

1. Use ther serger/overlocker to attach pre-gathered lace or corded piping to the lining side of the double-faced quilted fabric.

2. To form the casing for the frame, fold right sides of the fabric together 1' from the cut serged edge. Tuck under serger stitching and straight-stitch along this edge.


3. Fold the casing in half lengthwise, right sides together. Insert frame from each open end.

4. Serge length and bottom of case, being careful to avoid the needle contacting the metal frame.

Extra Serging Tip:
To secure the beginning of a seam with a serger, complete 1 or 2 stitches into the fabric. Lift the presser foot and pull the thread chain around the seam allowance. Lower the presser foor and stitch over the chain about 1"

5. Turn right side out to complete the case.

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Used here with kind permission from Linda McGehee of Ghee's USA