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How to Use the Marti Michell Log Cabin Ruler

Cutting Strips, Right-Handed

LC Block Our NEW Log Cabin Rulers - now it's easier than ever to make PERFECT Log Cabin blocks! Just follow these instructions, which come with the rulers. Illustrated with Ruler #8038. The procedure is the same for Ruler #8037.

First Cut Strips to Width, Right-handed Cutting is given below.
The same instructions are illustrated for left-handed cutting here.

Select the desired block size and determine which width strip (which side of the ruler) you must use.

2. These instructions result in cutting strips on the lengthwise grain or parallel to the selvage. Assuming you have more than 18" of fabric, open the fabric and fold it crosswise. Place on your cutting mat so that the fold is closest to you and the sme selvage is along the right edge. Line up a horizontal line on a regular 6" x 24" ruler with the fold line and trim away the selvge. Do not move the fabric.

Diagram A

3. The strip width is meaasured from the right. Working with the chosen strip width, align the appropriate vertical line on the Log Cabin Ruler with the newly cut straight edge of fabric. Hold the Log Cabin Ruler in place and bring a regulra ruler into position along the left side of the Log Cabin Ruler. Illustrations show 2 1/2" wide strips being cut with Ruler #8038. For 1 1/2" wide strips, rotate the ruler to place the notation "1 1/2" Cut Strips" in the same position.

Diagram B

Remove the Log Cabin Ruler and cut along the edge of the standard ruler. You are not using the standard ruler to measure; it is just a convenient cutting edge.

Diagram C

4. Do not remove the standard ruler yet. Life the strips to confirm that all the threads are cut.

5. Cut as many strips as needed.

6. Stack as many strips as you feel comfortable cutting at one time. True up one end of the strips; this is the end from which you will measure and cut the Log Cabin pieces

.True up

Cut Pieces to Exact Length

BlockThe Log Cabin Rulers are marked with both a letter and the actual length in inches for each strip - just the lines you need, so there's no distraction, no confusion, no unnecessary information.

Many sizes and styles of Log Cabin blocks can be made with the rulers. These instructions are for cutting 2 1/2" wide strips to exact length using Ruler #8038 to make a 12" finished Log Cabin block. They are illustrated for right-handed cutters. Scroll down for left-handed cutting notes. NOTE: Use the side of the ruler for 2 1/2" cut strip width.

1. With the Ruler extending to the left and the strip length extending to the right, measure and cut the number of squares (A) that you need (one square A is the center square).

2. Reposition the ruler and cut the first rectangles (B).

Cut B

3. Reposition the ruler on the strip and cut the net rectangles (C).

Cut C

4. Continue to reposition the ruler ont he strip and cut longer strips as needed.

Left-handed Cutting
The procedure is the same. Reverse positioning so strip extends left and ruler extends right, as shown, for each step.
NOTE: Use the side of the ruler for 2 1/2" cut strip width.

Cut A left handed